Should I Become An Emergency Medical Technician Or A Paramedic?

If you want to carve a career in the emergency medical services field, you’re probably thinking of becoming an emergency medical technician (EMT) or a paramedic. Essentially, both describe different levels of the same profession which have corresponding responsibilities. You may start out as an EMT but it is up to you to continue to become a paramedic or stay as an EMT. To help you decide whether you should become an EMT or a paramedic, the following guidelines might help.

You should consider becoming an EMT if:

You should consider becoming a paramedic if:

The good thing about either of these careers is that there are excellent job opportunities that await those who want to become EMTs or paramedics in the next few years. It’s worth repeating that before you can become a paramedic, you’ll have to get training and work experience as an EMT first.

While the tasks you can do may be limited, you will still be considered an integral member of an emergency rescue team.

Should you decide that becoming a paramedic is what you want to do, you have the freedom to pursue further training. Proceeding to train as a paramedic is a good idea if you have plans of working as a firefighter or be in law enforcement. These professions will need those with a background in emergency work.

There are also healthcare professions that welcome applicants with a paramedic background. All-in-all, proceeding to become a paramedic is highly recommended, unless you aren’t very comfortable with injections or performing other invasive procedures that only paramedics can do.

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Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technician

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