Should I Enroll In An Online Nursing Program?

"I really want to become a nurse, and now I realize I have to go back to school to get another degree or a certificate or something. I’m kind of freaked out by the soaring costs of tuition, so I was thinking of doing online school instead of going to a traditional college. I’m not sure whether there are any programs in my area, but I hope so. I’m concerned though that online my quality of education will suffer. I won’t get any hands on experience, and then I won’t really be qualified. And what if employers see that I went to school online and they don’t think that’s good enough?"

asked by Donna from Grand Island, NE

You are certainly right about the skyrocketing cost of going to school. Just a few years ago, prices used to be substantially lower, both online and offline. Even online schooling is now pretty pricey. Though that should at least give you some indication as to its validity. An online degree does have value if you get it from a good school which offers you a high-quality program. And employers will recognize and respect the hard work you’ve put in, especially in a field like nursing. There is a shortage of nurses nationwide, and a lot of employers are desperate for knowledgeable nurses to join their staffs.

Online schools that offer nursing generally actually require you to do a combination of online study and offline hands-on clinical work. Many online colleges have offline outlets in various cities where they offer these in-person classes. You still do most of your work over the internet, but there are some things you can really only learn by doing, and those things you will learn in person.

So you will need to find a local program which offers you that combination of in-person and online training.

Going to school online can save you a lot of money, which in these days in particular is very important. There are some other considerations which may help you to lower the cost of nursing school. Since so many hospitals have such a desperate need for nurses, they are often willing to help job candidates to pay for nursing school. In exchange, you promise to work at the hospital that helps pay your bill for several years after you have earned your nursing degree.

This is a big commitment, so make sure that you have selected a hospital where you would like to work in a location where you are comfortable living.

This is also a wonderful opportunity if you are struggling financially.

Affording school is more challenging than ever, but fortunately you’ve selected a field where there is a lot of need, and that can really play to your advantage, whether you choose to go to nursing school offline or online. There are hospitals that can help you with your costs in either situation.

Good luck on your new career journey!

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