Should I Get A Degree In Sports Management?

Sports are a passion for many people. Growing up, people enjoy taking place in sports, whether it is football, basketball, baseball or hockey. Some people simply enjoy watching their favorite teams on television, or at a live game. For those who are truly interested in sports, they may want to further pursue a career, such as sports management, that will allow them to enjoy their hobbies on a daily basis.

Sports management is an umbrella term that has to do with any and all facets of the sports industry. Some sports managers work for professional teams, others for colleges and universities, others for marketing firms. A sport manager could work in sales, be an event manager, a sport economist, or work in promotions.

People are happiest when they do what they love as a career. If a person enjoys their work, then it will not seem like work at all. If you love sports and know you would enjoy a career in this field, that is a good sign you should pursue a degree in sports management.

When people ask “Should I get a degree?” what they are often asking is, “Is this degree worth it?” They are attempting to weight the benefits against the costs. As with any career choice, you will need to figure out if the cost of a sports management degree is worth it to you.

The competition for a position inside of the industry is fierce. Certainly, a person already knows that it is difficult to become a professional athlete. It is equally challenging to become a sports manager inside of the industry.

There are about 146 professional sports teams in the United States and Canada. It is possible to land a position inside the sports industry; however, it takes the ability to network, have an outgoing personality, market oneself, and stand out in the crowd.

As mentioned earlier, sports management makes up a diverse field of careers. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits with a degree in sports management is that you have the ability to pursue many different careers with this degree. People go on to become athletic directors or tournament directors.

Some are facility managers for sports arenas. Others prefer the sales and marketing side of the industry, choosing to pursue a career as a sales manager, marketing assistant, media relations specialist, promotions team member, or another profession.

Sports seems like an enchanting field to enter into, much like music, dance, acting, and other celebrity professions. The truth is there are millions of people who want to enter into the world of sports, but few positions are available. In order to earn a career in this industry, you have to be willing to put in a lot of work.

Ask yourself if you can honestly see yourself in this field.

Every profession has its downsides, as well. You may have started your interest in sports management with a belief that you will be spending your time hanging out with celebrity athletes. This is not the case.

People who work in sports management are the people working behind the scenes to make sure that the sports games run smoothly. While the spectators watch and have fun, sports managers are working. The hours are long, with sports managers arriving early and staying late to make sure everything is in order. Weekends and holidays are expected to be worked.

It takes both time and money to earn a college degree. One of the questions to ask yourself when choosing a program in sports management is, “Is this degree worth the money?” Many people choose not to go to college, even though they have the skills and the grades, because they cannot afford it.

Remember that an education is an investment into your future. You may be spending what might seem a lot of money upfront, but if you are able to secure a job in the field of sports management, that money will be worth it. Also remember there are many scholarships, grants and loans available for students who want to go to college.

Another factor is the time involved to attain the college degree. Going to college is a large time commitment. There are universities that may offer online courses for a sports management degree, for those who want more flexibility.

This hopefully provides more insight into the benefits of a degree in sport management. Choosing a degree is one of the more difficult choices a person will make during their college years, but it is also very rewarding. Best of luck in whatever career path you choose.

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