Should I Get A Master’s Degree In Animation?

Careers in animation have flourished these years as the demand for animation in movies, video games and television shows continue to increase. As animation technology improves, the need for animators and multimedia artists will grow even more since their expertise and creativity are necessary in order to manipulate these programs in order to bring a concept to life.

The entry-level requirement to work as an animator is a bachelor’s degree in the field. Combine this with a great portfolio and you are on your way towards getting paid for doing what you love to do. Now you’ve probably heard that pursuing a master’s degree in any field is going to be advantageous in that those who have postgraduate studies earn higher pay and have access to better job opportunities. Does this apply to the field of animation which puts premium on skills and technical expertise? The following points should help you decide if a postgraduate program is right for you.

You should consider getting a master’s degree in animation if:

A master’s degree in animation may not be for you if:

An increasing number of schools are now offering master’s degree programs in animation and related fields. When it comes to specializing in a particular field of animation or teaching in the academe, both are possible if you take a master’s degree. If you want to work professionally as an animator, then a master’s degree may not be necessary for as long as you continue to improve your craft whenever you have free time on your hands.

Specialized knowledge about animation can only be had with a master’s degree. If you are up for a promotion in the studio you work for, a master’s degree is going to be an edge.

Your creativity and ability will still be judged based on your portfolio. You may still bag that promotion for as long as you are great at what you do as proven by your previous and present work even without a master’s degree.

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