Should I Get A Master’s Degree In Nursing?

While you can certainly earn decent wages and be perfectly content with a career as a registered nurse, a master’s degree in nursing is something that you should seriously consider if you want to do more with your nursing degree. In the field of nursing, an advanced degree is always an advantage no matter how you look at it and this is the reason why you should strive to further your education with a master’s degree in nursing.

First of all, a master’s degree in nursing is important because it opens doors to a wide variety of specializations that would not be possible with simply a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree in nursing (MSN) is the first step towards becoming an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) which will enable you to specialize as a nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife or nurse practitioner.

Unlike registered nurses who must follow the instructions of a doctor in administering care to patients, APRNs actually perform similar functions as physicians. They record patient histories, conduct physical exams and prescribe medications. APRNs are also in high demand due to the increasing need for healthcare services.

Second, a master’s degree in nursing prepares you for administrative and leadership roles in any healthcare setting. They don’t only ensure that quality healthcare is provided to patients, they also see to it that workflows flow smoothly and policies are observed. As leaders, nurse administrators also play an influential role in improving healthcare by suggesting timely policies.

Third, a master’s degree in nursing will qualify you to teach in nursing schools. Although a doctoral degree is common among nurse educators, an MSN will open the door for teaching opportunities. In addition, nurse educators will also give them the chance to do their own research in that field of nursing which interests them most. Nurses with strong clinical backgrounds and skills and are interested in sharing their knowledge with aspiring nurses will find a career as a nurse educator to be very fulfilling.

All these opportunities above are not only in high demand, they are also very lucrative. These occupations provide nurses the opportunity to earn six-figure incomes. This is definitely higher compared to the earnings of registered nurses who don’t hold MSN degrees.

These opportunities mentioned above also pave the way for gaining positions of higher authority that make one a well-respected member of the nursing profession. Whether you’re the administrator of a hospital, teacher at a nursing school or a primary caregiver in a community, the people you are serving will look up to you not only because of your expertise and knowledge but because of the passion you hold for your job.

A master’s degree in nursing will bring your career to the next level because it will take you to a deeper understanding about the nursing profession. It will make you a more competent healthcare professional and a more mature individual who can see that nursing care is holistic and that the entire system can only function with the cooperation of the healthcare team and all its stakeholders.

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