Should I Get A Master’s Degree In Software Engineering?

There are many conflicting answers to this question. One side argues that the entry point for a career as a software engineer is a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science or related fields. In addition, employers also want to see that you have a solid background on computer programming. These are the basic ingredients to getting a job in the industry. Even when it comes to promotions, years of experience in software development and expertise in handling projects can be enough in getting to the next rung of the corporate ladder. But then again, let’s repeat that this is just one side of the story.

The other side argues that a master’s degree in software engineering is essential especially if you are planning to work with companies that are known for their expertise in software development. Many of them put a premium on advanced degrees as a way to gauge that applicants can work at any stage of the software development cycle. With a master’s degree, you will be able to design software interfaces and determine the needs of the system you have in mind, among others.

The pro-master’s camp also argues that an advanced degree will give you the opportunity to learn the latest developments in software engineering programs. The coursework in this program will give you the versatility to work in various areas—from medical equipment to information security to aerospace technologies.

Moreover, they also state that an advanced degree in the field will prepare individuals to develop the management and problem-solving skills they need to assume leadership positions. Although solid experience and a bachelor’s degree may be enough to get that promotion, many managers and top executives actually hold advanced degrees. If you are a software developer, then a master’s degree in software engineering seems to be the logical choice.

In the end, getting a master’s degree in software engineering is all going to boil down to your reasons for obtaining this degree in the first place. If it’s merely to further your knowledge about the field of software engineering then getting a master’s may be an expensive way to do that. You can always read on the topic because of the ready availability of these resources online or in bookstores. You can also attend regular conferences that discuss the latest developments in software engineering. No doubt, these are more affordable ways to get this knowledge.

If you desire to hold a management position someday then a master’s degree may be something you want to invest in, although you must do so with the thought that there are other things that go into becoming a manager. Certainly, a master’s degree is going to look good on your resume but your actual experience in bringing projects to their successful fruition is also going to speak volumes about your worthiness to hold a higher position.

Now there is one area that having a master’s degree in software engineering is going to be needed: If you want to work in the academe teaching college students about the subject then a master’s degree is going to open doors. Of course, if you are contemplating a career in the academe, a doctoral degree is even going to be better.

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