Should I Get An Acting Degree Online?

If you imagine yourself working in front of the camera and getting the adulation of the crowd, being an actor is most likely high up in your list of dream careers. For those who love to act, this is certainly a profession to strive for. After all, making it to the A-list of Hollywood celebrities assures you of fame, wealth and success.

While there are no formal degree requirements to a career as an actor, obtaining formal training in the field of acting gives you an edge over those who rely solely on pure talent alone. Film school provides you with the opportunity to get insider information about the movie industry, the technical aspects of acting and the chance to work with award-winning actors and directors, among others. Another advantage about obtaining formal acting education is the chance that it provides you to make contacts with those who have already made it in the industry. Your network of contacts becomes very crucial when it comes to getting information about auditions and possible work opportunities that could help you land in more roles.

Schools have traditionally offered acting classes in a classroom setting where instructors teach students face-to-face. The advent of the Internet, however, has given rise to online acting classes. In these programs, students access their lessons through the Internet. Information may be delivered in the form of videos and other study materials. Students are then required to submit assignments online. To evaluate acting skills, professors may require them to record their performance and submit it to their online platform.

The question now is: Should you get your acting degree online? The short answer is yes. The following are the reasons why:

An online acting program provides the flexibility you need to work and fulfill other obligations.

Let’s face it: It’s very difficult to make it as a famous actor in the highly-competitive world of the film industry. If you’re still nobody striving to become somebody in Hollywood, you need to earn your keep so you can pay for acting lessons and the other necessities of life. Online acting classes allow you to work while still giving you the chance to pursue your dreams of becoming an actor at the same time.

There are different kinds of online acting programs depending on your needs and financial capacity.

There are free online acting classes if you don’t have money to pay for tuition and related expenses. If you only need particular classes, there are also studios or online schools that allow you to get lessons where you pay per session.

Online acting programs give you time to internalize the emotions of acting videos provided to you.

There is no pressure to deliver right then, unlike what happens in a classroom setting. Thus, you have more time to study the lessons and videos given which helps improve your acting ability.

Despite all the positive reasons to earn an acting degree online, it’s important to understand that these arrangements have limitations. There is no substitute for getting immediate feedback from an acting instructor such as what you would get in a traditional acting school. However, if you take online acting classes, this deficiency can be remedied by also taking acting classes with an acting coach. Another limitation with online acting programs is that you don’t get to establish a solid network of contacts who work in the industry. You’ll have to really be creative and resourceful in growing your network of contacts using other means such as social media.

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