Should I Get An Animation Degree Online?

An animation degree is one of the in-demand jobs in the world today. The use of Internet-enabled devices like computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices and the continued clamor for animated entertaining games and movies will prompt the need for more 2D and 3D animators. If you are creative, have a flair for coming up with original ideas and know how to manipulate software animation programs (or are interested learning how), then going into the field of animation is certainly going to be high in your list of potential careers.

One of the best ways to prepare for this profession is to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer animation. While this degree can be obtained traditionally on-campus, there are also a growing number of schools offering animation programs online. Traditional programs have certainly been around for quite some time and the structure that these academic settings provide is beneficial in helping students focus on their studies. The direct supervision provided by teachers and instructors has also been integral in helping students understand their lessons.

An online animation program also has its own set of benefits. In fact, it can even be argued that, in some aspects, it is an even more advantageous way of learning animation. Here are the reasons why:

If you already have background knowledge about drawing, animation and the use of computer software programs and only need to further refine your skills in animation then you can enroll in different kinds of animation tracks that last from a few months to a couple of years. Of course, online bachelor’s degree programs still provide more comprehensive training and may even open more doors to entry level posts. If you are naturally talented and can come up with an excellent portfolio of your work, you’ll still be considered by employers.

Here are some benefits to obtaining an animation degree online:

Just because an animation program is offered online doesn’t mean that it is easier than those offered in traditional on-campus programs. You’ll be taught foundation courses in traditional art and animation, physics, anatomy, color theory and the creation of digital characters, among others. You’ll also be required to submit assignments and projects in online classes which you must comply with before you can get your certificate or degree.

One of the best advantages offered by distance education programs is that it allows those who have other commitments to still pursue their dreams of becoming an animator. Thus, if you have children or are currently working full-time, online programs give you the flexibility to study in the evenings or during weekends so you can ultimately pursue your dream career in animation.

By enrolling in an online animation program, you basically eliminate the cost associated with traveling to the school campus—an unavoidable expense when you enroll in traditional programs. If you can make arrangements to stay with your folks while you’re obtaining your degree, you also don’t have to worry about rent and food expenses.

Unlike traditional programs where lectures are given by professors, you’ll basically be left on your own when you enroll in an online program. Yes, you can access recorded lectures and other interactive tools and email or call professors if you have problems but for the most part, you’re going to have to study by yourself. This kind of arrangement hones your research skills, allowing you to develop resourcefulness and creativity in finding solutions to problems.

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