What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Paralegal Association?

The National Association of Legal Assistants and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations are two of the national paralegal organizations that paralegals can join in. In addition to them, there are also state paralegal associations and their local chapters. Just how beneficial is it for someone engaged in this profession to join a paralegal association?

Actually, it is very advantageous. For starters, joining paralegal associations give paralegals who are still looking for work the chance to apply for job opportunities. These organizations usually have a database of employment opportunities where paralegals can submit their resumes to paralegal jobs in the state or around the country. They also conduct career conferences that help experienced paralegals advance or take their careers to the next level. These meetings feature career professionals that help paralegals improve how they craft their resumes so they can get coveted jobs or positions. Membership also provides new paralegals with the invaluable chance to network with more experienced professionals who can mentor them while they are learning the ropes.

Membership in paralegal organizations is advantageous because these associations regularly hold educational meetings which update paralegals on various issues that affect their jobs. From changes in the law to technological tools that make their work easier, these meetings ensure that paralegals are abreast of everything that happens in the legal industry. These associations also hold regular conferences on various topics that paralegals can participate in that would count towards their continuing legal education credit hours so they can keep their certifications. And these are offered at discounted rates for members, allowing them to save on costs.

For paralegals who are still going through the process of certification, a benefit of joining a paralegal organization is the chance to enroll in a review course that will help them pass the certification exam. These review courses are usually given in partnership with an educational institution where the review will be held.

Another benefit of membership is that it provides them subscriptions to newsletters, magazines and other publications that will feature upcoming events such as conferences, meetings and even career opportunities. These resources also provide a lot of helpful information about paralegals, the paralegal industry and their workplace.

Some paralegal organizations even offer discount programs for medicines, dental and vision services and other healthcare needs. The discounts may even extend to plane tickets, shopping and others. Moreover, some organizations may make them eligible to join credit unions which offer a variety of financial services.

It’s important to note that membership of an organization alone will not be enough. Paralegals can only benefit from membership if they actually participate in the programs that the paralegal association has in store for its members. Volunteering and even leading in its activities is also one way for paralegals to get to know the industry more intimately.

It also offers them the chance to network with lawyers, other paralegals and other legal professionals all over the country which could help them advance their careers down the road.

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