What Are The Characteristics Of An Effective Cardiovascular Technologist?

Cardiovascular technologists are integral members of the healthcare profession. Using various imaging technologies, they assist physicians in determining what the problem is with a patient’s heart. If they specialize in echocardiography, they may operate ultrasound equipment to take a closer look at the chambers, valves and vessels of the human heart.

Cardiology technologists, on the other hand, help doctors diagnose heart issues and may even assist in cardiac catheterization procedures. Those who have received ample training may also help surgeons prepare patients for open-heart surgery.

Based on the description above, it becomes obvious that cardiovascular technology is a very exacting field. There are characteristics that the cardiovascular technologist needs to possess or develop if they don’t have these yet to be able to perform effectively in this post.

The first of these is technical skill and proficiency in the imaging equipment to be used. Employers ascertain this by looking at the educational and professional qualifications of the applicant. Cardiovascular technologists typically hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in cardiovascular technology and professional certification in the field of specialization. Employers usually hire those who are certified because insurance only covers procedures done by certified cardiovascular technologists.

Cardiovascular technologists must also possess a keen eye for detail. This is particularly important since determining which areas are healthy and which ones are not through the use diagnostic imaging equipment can be quite tricky if one doesn’t have an eye for detail and visual acuity.

It’s very important for cardiovascular technologists to pay close attention to the visual images presented on the screen even as they continue to scan the patient’s body. This task also necessitates possessing excellent hand-eye coordination as well.

Cardiovascular technologists must also know how to communicate with patients. They need to keep in mind that they are dealing with sick people who are potentially in pain. Since coming up with diagnostic images that the doctors can use may require asking the patient to position in different ways, cardiovascular technologists must be able to talk with patients in such a manner that also takes into consideration the suffering that they are going through.

Just like other healthcare professionals, cardiovascular technologists should possess genuine compassion for their patients even as they continue to perform their work the best way they can.

Physical stamina is also another requirement of this job. This is because cardiovascular technologists do most of their work on their feet. Since they are going to see patients who are disabled, they may even need to help lift or turn them just to be able to get the right images. They also see a lot of patients in a day which can be quite exhausting.

They may need to work on weekends, evenings and even holidays since they are most likely connected with institutions that operate 24 hours a day. There may even be emergency cases when they will be called upon to report to work in the middle of the night. The demands of the job require cardiovascular technologists to be in the best of health as well.

Career Spotlight: Cardiovascular Technologist

Cardiovascular Technologist

Cardiovascular Technologist

As a cardiovascular technologist, you will work with patients who are concerned about their heart health and have been asked by their physician to get special testing done to rule out serious complica[...]

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