What Are The Characteristics Of An Effective Hairdresser?

When it comes to looking good, a person’s crowning glory can make all the difference. No other professional can do wonders to hair than a hairdresser. They offer a wide range of hair care services that can make clients look and feel confident about themselves. From cutting to styling to shampooing, hairdressers are the point personnel in the salon for clients seeking to improve their appearance by changing their hairstyle.

However, many regular salon-goers have found out the hard way that not all hairdressers provide the same quality and relaxing service. To put it bluntly, some hairdressers totally suck at what they do that they have ruined what would otherwise be a beautiful salon experience for the client. If you are planning to embark on this profession, it’s important that you begin to harness the characteristics that will make you an effective hairdresser.

First and foremost, effective hairdressers must be very creative and artistic. Hairdressing is not merely cutting hair. The reason why hairdressers are also called hairstylists is because styling is an art and art requires creativity. Hairdressers should not only know how to execute the latest styles but should be able to visualize whether that style will fit the client. Nothing ruins an appearance more than a trendy haircut that doesn’t suit the facial shape of a client.

Second, effective hairdressers must be great listeners. When clients go to a salon, they do so to achieve a certain look or simply want to de-stress. Whatever their intention is, they will be talking to the hairdresser about the kind of hairstyle they want or sharing to them about how rough their day has been. Hairdressers must know how to listen and deliver the service that is expected of them. When they listen, they also know how to respond appropriately to problems that the clients might share with them.

Third, hairdressers must have a penchant for problem-solving—as far as the style and look of a person’s hair goes, of course. There are clients who go to hairdressers asking them to fix their hair color because they have ruined it when attempting to do it on their own at home or they let an inexperienced hairdresser do the job. Hairdressers must know how to go about making the necessary repairs so that the desired look—or something close to it—can be achieved.

Fourth, effective hairdressers possess manual dexterity and physical stamina. Styling the hair of clients can take considerable time and this is usually done with the hairdressers on their feet. They also work on many clients during their eight-hour shift so feeling tired is not an option. In addition to standing, they will also be using their hands to operate the tools of their trade like combs, hair dryers and other implements. Thus, they need to have the strength to be able to give the same quality of service to all their clients.

Finally, effective hairdressers should have the technical knowledge needed to style clients’ hair. That means they should know the different types of cuts and trims, how to shampoo and condition and be able to mix the right shades and tints for those who want to have color applied to their hair. These can be learned by attending a cosmetology or hairdressing program.

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