What Are The Characteristics Of An Effective HR Manager?

Human resources (HR) managers play a very vital role in ensuring that the employees hired by the company are appropriate for the position. They interview and select new hires and take care of issues related to staffing, such as mediating between two parties in the organization or implementing disciplinary sanctions to an erring employee.

Since this is a leadership position, HR managers deal with a lot of demands on the job. They have to see to it that vacant posts are filled with the right candidates, that new hires understand what is expected of them and that the concerns and problems of all the company’s employees are properly addressed.

To be able to do their job effectively, HR managers must be well-organized. They don’t only deal with job applicants but with the concerns of existing employees as well. They also have to be ready to answer questions from the company’s executives so having time management and organizational skills is crucial to being able to do the job efficiently without suffering burnout.

Another important trait that effective HR managers share in common is excellent communication skills. They know how to talk with, listen to and interact with different kinds of people, no matter what their status is in the workplace. They are able to deliver their ideas clearly and don’t fear getting misunderstood. They also know how to mediate between two parties and diffuse tension so that a conversation may be initiated and the concerns of both sides laid out in the open for resolution.

Moreover, effective HR managers are excellent negotiators. There are always two sides to workplace issues and their role is not really to get one side to agree with the other but to arrive at a compromise which would be acceptable to both parties. Arriving at the middle ground isn’t always easy to accomplish but this is a trait that effective HR managers use to ensure that the concerns of everyone in the company are addressed fairly.

Effective HR managers are also capable of making difficult decisions. This is especially true when they need to fire an employee. Before they do, they have to see to it that the standards and protocol for such a procedure are met and that everything is done in accordance with the company’s policies and adheres to fair labor practices. Even if they know that losing a job is going to put the worker in difficulty, HR managers are able to stand by their decision especially if they know that the employee really deserves to be fired.

What holds all these traits together is the HR managers’ knowledge about human resources in general and the company they work for in particular. It would be difficult for them to hire the right people, ensure that everyone receives their wages and benefits on time, mediate between disputing parties, defend their decisions and fire employees if they don’t have any idea how human resources works and what their company’s policies are. An HR manager who has technical knowledge and expertise is effective on the job.

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