What Are The Duties Of A Model?

"I love browsing magazine covers and watching Victoria’s Secret models doing their thing on the ramp. I want to see myself in a magazine cover someday and perhaps even do the catwalk. I’m currently doing more research on this job because I know that somehow, it doesn’t only involve walking in fashion shows and posing for photo shoots. Can you please enlighten me on this and give me the lowdown on the duties of a model?"

asked by Alexis T. from Jefferson City, Missouri

Models are the front face of a product or service. They promote everything—from clothing to beauty products to handbags to fashion accessories to appliances to gadgets. Although the fashion industry is the forte of many models, other industries and individuals also make use of their talents. Print and television commercials commonly need models but painters and sculptors also have need for models to be able to create their works of art.

You are right in saying that there is more to modeling than walking the catwalk and posing in front of photographers, although these comprise majority of the activities of a model. In fashion shows, they wear the creations of designers—from clothing to handbags to footwear.

When they pose in front of the camera, models are required to come up with the expression desired by the photographer. Models who pose for sculptures and painters are typically required to hold certain poses for long periods at a time.

Since models have to achieve a certain look before a shoot or fashion show, they also have to work with makeup artists, stylists and the clients who hired them. Dressing up a model often takes hours and the model has to be patient while the entire session is going on. Although makeup artists are often hired to put on a model’s makeup, there may be shows when a model is tasked to do the job herself. As such, she should also know how to apply cosmetics on her face.

It is also part of a model’s job to do research—yes, you read that right. A model has to research the product that she intends to promote or wear. If she has contracted with a fashion designer to do a fashion show, it’s important that she look up on the designer’s desired look and walk of his models. If she has been engaged to promote a product in a television commercial, she should perform due diligence about the product so that she can advertise it effectively.

Part of a model’s task is to make a portfolio and keep it updated. A portfolio of her projects is what she shows modeling agencies and clients in order to be able to book modeling gigs. She is also responsible for printing her own composite cards which represent her best photos and measurements. Models also have to do lot of travel either to meet and talk with possible clients or to do actual shoots and shows.

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