What Can I Do With A Bachelor’s Degree In Social Work?

"I have been taking a lot of classes in social work and psychology, and I think I am going to major in social work. Majoring in psychology just sounds like a bit much for me, because I do not plan to go to graduate school, which seems like it is almost necessary if you want to become a serious psychologist. I only plan to get a four-year degree, which means I will end up with a bachelor’s degree in social work. So my question is this. What can I do with that degree?"

asked by Marie from Montpelier, VT

With a bachelor’s degree in social work, you are able to start work immediately in the social work field when you find an opening. You can go on to get a higher degree if you wish, but it is not necessary for an entry-level position in social work. There are a number of different types of social work you may perform with a bachelor’s degree. Here are some examples:

Services to children
Children in troubled domestic environments often need the help of social workers in intervention situations. You might work with the family to make changes, or facilitate foster care or adoption services for children who need to be rescued and removed from their home environments.

Clinical social work services
You can also work with psychiatric patients as a clinical social worker. Clinical social workers perform their duties in a variety of different environments, including psychiatric hospitals, prisons, schools, and workplaces. This job is very similar to the job of psychologist, so this is something you may be particularly interested in if you were considering a psychology degree.

Community development
Social workers also provide services to disenfranchised community members in need of assistance. As a community development social worker, you can point these community members to critical resources such as government aid programs and charities which can help them to get back on their feet. These social workers often work in government aid offices, and may also work with political lobbyists.

Criminal justice
There are also social workers who work with prisoners, juvenile offenders, and ex-cons on probation and parole to ensure rehabilitation. These social workers can help prisoners to correct their behaviors and may facilitate the transition of ex-cons back into normal life. In this field, social workers may also provide counseling services to victims of violent crimes.

These are just a few examples of social work jobs which you can get with a bachelor’s degree in the field. There are other opportunities beyond these, so you will want to research in-depth to learn all you can about this exciting career field. You may also want to consider going back to school later for your graduate degree. This can open up even more doors and help you to find a job with a higher salary later down the line.

Becoming a social worker is a wonderful decision; professionals in this field are empowered to help individuals and to make a difference in society.

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