What Can I Do With A Business Degree?

Business majors actually do more than just focus on the financial side of any business, crunching numbers and determining whether profits are being made. A business degree can actually open doors that lead to a whole lot of other professions, many of them in areas of leadership and supervision. A business degree also equips you with the confidence and knowhow to start your own endeavor as an entrepreneur.

First of all, a business degree gives you the flexibility to work in virtually any type of industry. You aren’t just limited to the banking and management sector but can actually work in healthcare, government, international relations and computer technology fields. Your services are also needed in the education and nonprofit sectors.

A number of careers actually become possible for those with a business degree. You can become an accountant where you’ll ensure that the company’s books are in order and it is paying its tax obligations on time. You can also take on a number of positions in banks, such as that of a teller or bank manager. Tellers provide services to bank depositors, such as assisting them in opening accounts, making deposits or withdrawals and addressing any questions they may have. Bank managers see to the smooth day-to-day operations of the bank and make decisions about issues that affect it. If you are looking for a financial career that is both exciting and mentally stimulating, a career as a trader is also something you can do with a business degree.

In healthcare, a business degree would open doors towards a career as a healthcare administrator. In this profession, you will ensure that the facility is providing the best service to its patients. This includes managing its finances and budget as well as seeing to it patient bills are collected and insurance claims processed on time.

If you’d like to work in public service, there are a number of positions in government for those with a business degree. Government agencies have a need for accountants and auditors, logistics personnel, human resources manager and personnel and management analysts. As a government worker, your knowledge about business practices, ethics and personnel management will help ensure that the agency is upholding the general interest of the public.

Your business degree will also open doors for a career in nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits also have the same professionals on their roster—accountants, management analysts and others—but the focus of these careers are going to be different in this sector. If businesses need these professionals to increase their bottom line and maximize profits, nonprofit organizations will hire them to help in fundraising efforts, guide them in the best ways to manage funds and ensure that the organization follows responsible management practices.

A business degree will also give you work in the education sector. You can find employment in the bursar’s office where your responsibilities can include collecting tuition and updating student accounts. You may also work as a teacher, especially if you already have your doctoral degree, and train future business professionals.

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