What Can I Do With A Computer Science Degree?

The short answer is: A lot. In today’s world where organizations and individuals alike have become dependent on computers and the Internet, a degree in computer science is definitely a ticket to an exciting and fulfilling career. This also comes with a couple of added perks—that of a very positive job outlook which promises a lot of employment opportunities in the next few years and very lucrative wages.

One of the most common professions that computer science graduates hold is that of a computer programmer. If you opt to enter this career path, you would be able to write computer programs for various purposes as well as craft the code that tests the performance of computer systems. Another popular profession for those with a computer science degree is that of a software applications developer. In this career, you would be focusing on designing computer software to meet the needs of various users. Part of your job would be to continually improve a software program so that errors are corrected and optimum performance is achieved.

If the challenge of solving problems encountered by computer systems is something that appeals to you then you can become computer systems analyst or computer systems engineer with your degree in computer science. As a systems analyst, you will be scrutinizing computer systems, analyzing data processing problems and coming up with solutions to make the system more efficient. If you want to work as a computer systems engineer, on the other hand, you will be looking at complex network issues and developing solutions for them. Through your work, the computer’s system architecture is kept stable. Another related field that you can also go into with this degree is in information security. As an information security analyst, you will see to it that your company’s digital files are kept safe and security breaches are avoided. In the event that viruses or hackers are able to get into the system, it is your job to respond in a swift manner to prevent compromising your system infrastructure further.

Another popular profession for computer science degree holders is that of being a web developer. You design and set up websites for your clients. You also work together with writers, marketers and other professionals to determine the content of the site and see to it that it reaches its intended audience. If you prefer to work with people, you can also work as a user support specialist. In this profession, you will be assisting users and helping them solve the problems they are encountering with their software or hardware either through the phone or in-person.

With an advanced computer science degree, you can even work as a teacher in a college or university for computer and related subjects. If you like to work with young people, you can also teach in a public school for as long as you have obtained your teaching credentials. If you are the entrepreneurial type, you can even open your own computer shop!

There really is no shortage of opportunities if you have a computer science degree. What area in computers do you like best? What are you really good at? Once you have answered these questions, it’s easier to choose which aspect of computer science you’d like to focus on.

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