What Can I Do With A Cybersecurity Degree?

The increasing reliance of individuals, companies and governments of computers and the Internet for their everyday operations and safeguard vital information has spawned the development of a new profession: That of cybersecurity professionals. Over the past few years, the demand for this career has grown substantially as governments and businesses strive to protect their systems from online attacks that compromise their data and threaten even national security.

In this day and age when information has become such a vital commodity and a much sought-after bargaining tool, your cybersecurity degree will bring you to jobs that will enable you to protect the digital systems of organizations and ensure that criminals in cyberspace won’t get access to vital files.

Your services are needed in places where computer systems and the Internet has become part and parcel of their day-to-day operations. This means that you have a plethora of options as to where you want to work since most companies and businesses are already going digital. This includes businesses, government agencies, schools and universities, banks, insurance firms and nonprofit organizations.

One of the careers that you could enter into with a degree in cybersecurity is that of an information security analyst. Your work could encompass monitoring networks for signs of breaches in cybersecurity and immediately addressing attacks if they come. It is also your role to ensure that all employees in the company follow a common security protocol which you will play a large role in crafting.

Since the world of technology is fast-evolving, it is also your responsibility to keep updated on the latest trends so you can make the necessary adjustments in your system to further beef up its security.

Another profession that you could enter with a cybersecurity degree is that of a computer forensics analyst. In this career, you will work to retrieve information that has been lost due to hacking, a virus that has infiltrated the system or has been cleared intentionally by the owner of the system because the data could implicate him criminally.

Your expertise will be required by law enforcement authorities where you will be tasked with retrieving data so that it can be used as a evidence of a case. As a computer forensics analyst, you can be asked to testify in court about your findings.

Working as a penetration tester is also another career that you could go into with your cybersecurity degree. In this profession, you will be conducting authorized attempts to exploit the weaknesses of a particular system. You will try to hack the network to determine what its vulnerabilities are, compile the information that has been compromised and work together with the company’s information security team to find ways to prevent these breaches.

Penetration testing is conducted on a regular basis by companies to prevent costly security attacks, adhere to federal laws and regulations on network security and continue to assure their clients and customers that they are safeguarding their vital information aggressively.

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