What Can I Do With A Degree In Broadcasting?

"I’m a communication major, and I’ve been leaning more and more toward broadcasting just based off of the classes I have been enjoying. Originally I had a different plan, so now I’m at a bit of a loss. What are the careers which are available in broadcasting? I’m interested in everything, not just careers in front of a mic, so let me know about jobs that take place in the “background” too, thanks."

asked by Margaret from Keene, NH

There are many different types of careers in broadcasting which require different skills. As a communication major with a concentration in broadcasting, you have the chance to take a wide variety of classes which could prepare you for any of a number of different broadcasting careers. Here are several different occupations within the television or radio broadcasting field which may interest you:

Radio announcer

This is the person who announces the breaks between songs on a radio station and reads commercial copy.

Chief engineer

At a radio station or television station, this is the professional who is responsible for ensuring that the technical aspects of radio operations are running successfully. The engineer ensures that all program elements are airing properly and troubleshoots problems as they arise.

Promotion director

This is the radio station employee who is responsible for maintaining and promoting the station’s public image through different activities and events. The promotions and sales teams work together closely to inform others about the station and get them to tune in. They may organize sponsored events each year and interact with the public directly.

General Manager

This person is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the entire radio station or television station.

News anchor

On a news station, this is the person who stands in front of the camera and puts a face on the news.

News director

This television station director is charge of supervising the news department. The director must play a leadership role and judge which stories should go on the air. The director may also do accounting tasks.

Production manager

At a radio station or television station, the production manager supervises programming and makes decisions about what goes on the screen or on the air.

These are just a few of the many different positions that are available at a radio station or television station. There are many other related positions which require expertise in communications, management, and more. Whether you are interested in public speaking, technical operations, sales, or writing, there are many different jobs to look into in the broadcasting field. Make sure to look up salary information on these jobs, since some are in higher demand than others.

Broadcasting jobs can range from very highly paid to very poorly paid. It is good to know what you are getting into before you make your final decision. A lot of broadcasting employees switch tracks multiple times in their careers however, so you should find some flexibility in this field for change later down the line.

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