What Can I Do With A Hospitality Management Degree?

A degree in hospitality management will open your doors to many opportunities in the areas of travel and tourism, casino management and food and beverage industries. Your degree has prepared you to interact with people of different backgrounds, provide the best customer service and ensure that they enjoy every minute of their time.

The travel and tourism industry provides many opportunities for hospitality management graduates. You have a lot of career paths to take here. You can work as a travel agent, tour guide, youth activities director in a resort or as a cruise ship recreation director. You can even travel the world as a flight attendant or run a lodging accommodation as a hotel or resort manager.

Another area that would have great use for your skills and expertise is the food and beverage industry. Here, you can work as part of the wait staff for a restaurant or other eating establishment and see to it that customers’ orders are taken correctly and the kitchen crew informed about any special requests they may have. You can also work as a restaurant manager where you will ensure that the restaurant is running smoothly. Aside from making sure that all guests are satisfied, it is also your responsibility to oversee the staff, ensure that the kitchen has the supplies and resources they need and make sure that the budget is followed. Basically, you’ll be managing all the other areas of restaurant operations. If you love to constantly delight your taste buds and go to restaurants to eat, another profession that you might also want to explore is that of a food critic. This profession isn’t just about food, however, since you will also need to have a keen eye on the restaurant and how its waiters serve guests. You also need to have excellent writing skills since your views will be published in both online and offline written publications.

Your hospitality management degree can also get you work in casinos. You can be hired as a casino manager, gaming supervisor or card dealer. These are often well-paying positions but are also ones that require a lot of a patience and tact, especially when it involves talking with patrons who have already lost a lot of money on the floor. You also need to be quick in spotting individuals who are only out to scam and defraud the establishment as well as other patrons.

Finishing hospitality management school will also give you the opportunity to work in the events planning and party organizing industries. These are all careers that give you the opportunity to open your own business and work with clients who want to throw a successful event following a specific theme and budget.

There are a number of career opportunities that your hospitality management degree will take you. Whether you want to go on board a ship, manage a hotel or plan events, the skills and training that come with your degree will enable you to work as part of a team or start your own venture in any of these very dynamic industries.

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