What Can I Do With A Major In Education?

"I have been considering declaring a major in Education. I’m not sure what I want to do after graduation. What other options do I have besides being a classroom teacher?"

asked by Casey M. from Billings, MT

There are many job opportunities for people with a bachelor’s degree in education- both in and out of a school environment. The skills earned with an education degree prepare you to work in a variety of fields. It is one of the most useful degrees because so many careers require strong presentation skills.

If you enjoy working with students, helping to motivate them and assisting them in meeting educational objectives, then becoming a classroom teacher is certainly one path you can take. Teachers are needed for elementary school, middle school and high school classrooms.

If you enjoy researching and preparing lessons but don’t want to work in the classroom, then you may want to work in curriculum development. These individuals assist the district in meeting state curriculum requirements. Becoming an educational consultant is another option. They evaluate and make recommendations about the curriculum as well as help to coordinate district policies.

Supervisory positions in education include administrators, such as assistant principals and principals. These positions require a strong educational background as well as a master’s degree in administration. School districts also employee people for positions in numerous departments including Early Childhood, Alternative Education, Technology and Specialized Instructional Services.

Individuals with exceptional writing skills can seek employment with education publishing companies. They hire people with knowledge of the educational field to write study guides, textbooks and other documents. They also need writers to develop practice standardized test questions.

Of course if you have a degree in education then you have the skills needed for negotiating, supervising, presenting and organizing. These skills are important for professions outside of education too.

Corporate trainers benefit from a degree in education. Employees need training in everything from policies and procedures to new software programs. Job trainers or career counselors provide training for people seeking employment. They assist with building resumes, interview practice and other skills needed to find a job in the corporate climate.

Many theaters and museums have strong links to school systems. You can consider working in a museum’s education department. These positions require working with school districts in a public relations role to bring students into museums on field trips. Similar positions are available at playhouses and theaters.

Having a degree in education prepares you for a career in textbook sales. These reps meet with teachers and district staff to present the company’s curriculum. Purchasing textbooks is a large budget expense, so you need to be comfortable enough to answer the very specific questions you will be to be asked.

You don’t need to decide which career you want to choose in education right now. It may help just knowing you will have plenty of career options after graduation. As you get further into your degree program you will become clear on where your interests lie.

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