What Can I Do With A Marketing Degree?

Buying and selling has been part of our culture for as long as we can remember that it’s difficult to imagine society without it. Before, people in a place knew where to go to obtain a particular product or service. They would go to the shoemaker if they wanted a new pair of boots or the tailor if they needed new clothes.

There are a lot of businesses offering the same goods and services that competition has become intense. This is good for customers as it drives prices down but quite challenging for the business owners who have to think of ways to convince clients to do business with them.

Because of these realities, companies have to make sure that they remain competitive and one way to do that would be to hire people who have the training and skill to help them achieve just that. Thus, they employ sales personnel, sales manager, brand managers, advertising executives, marketing managers and product managers. The common thread that binds these workers together is that they all have educational preparation in the world of marketing.

Yes, you can do a lot of things with your marketing degree. The entry point for most marketing graduates is to work in a sales position. In this role, you will try to convince customers to patronize your product. This will include telling them about the product’s features that distinguish it from the rest of the competition and answering customer’s concerns. Providing quality customer service is also part of your job.

With your marketing degree and sufficient field experience in sales, you can move up as a sales manager. In this profession, you will not be dealing directly with customers as often as you did when you were a salesman. Rather, you will be supervising sales teams and see to it that they are fulfilling their quotas. You will also be hiring and training new members of the team.

A postgraduate marketing degree and actual work experience will also prepare you for the position of a marketing manager. You will be managing other departments and see to it that they work together to achieve the company’s profit goals. You need to have sufficient field experience and an extensive understanding of the psyche of customers so that you can implement policies that would improve the company’s bottom line.

A marketing degree will also open doors for you to work in product management. Instead of thinking of a marketing strategy for the entire company—a responsibility that usually falls in the hands of marketing managers—you will be focusing on only one particular product. From product conceptualization to advertising to product promotion, it will be your responsibility to market the product to its intended audience and get it patronized.

A marketing degree can bring you to exciting and challenging occupations in the business industry that would not be otherwise accessible to you if you simply had a high school diploma.

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