What Can I Do With A Psychology Degree?

Many who choose to major in psychology do so with high hopes of becoming a psychologist. To do so would require getting a master’s degree and/or a doctoral degree. However, the truth of the matter is that majority of those who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology don’t proceed to earn their postgraduate degrees. There are many different reasons why they don’t do so but if you are one of the many who only have an undergraduate degree in this field, you won’t have to worry that your options have become limited. While you may not certainly qualify to become a clinical psychologist, you actually have a host of other career options.

One area that you can work in with your degree is in the field of sales. Your understanding of human behavior will be valuable in marketing products to many people. Employers will also value the fact that your psychology course has taught you how to deal effectively with people—a very important trait in the sales profession.

Another closely related field with sales where your psychology undergraduate degree will be quite useful is in the area advertising. You can work as an advertising executive in advertising agencies and publicity firms. Your background in persuasion and tailoring convincing messages to a target audience will also be a very valuable skill in this profession.

Even with an undergraduate degree in psychology, you can still work directly in the field of psychology as a psychiatric technician. Under the supervision of psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians, your task as a psychiatric technician is to observe and note down the behavior of the patients under your care. You may also be giving medication and providing the prescribed therapies.

Your psychology degree will also enable you to work in the field of social work not as a social worker but as a social work assistant. You will be helping social workers in forming a plan of care and addressing the needs of clients. Like social workers, you will be establishing a professional working relationship with your clients as you attempt to provide them the assistance they need.

The adaptability of a psychology degree will also enable you to work in the field of criminal justice. You can work as a probation and parole officer. You will be working with convicted criminals, coordinating treatment plans with their therapists and then recommending possible courses of action to the courts. As a probation and parole officer, you will be hired by local and state governments.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology will also enable you to work as a market researcher for marketing and research firms. In this role, you will be conducting surveys, opinion polls, getting data, interpreting the results and writing the reports.

If you love working with children, you can also work as a childcare worker with your bachelor’s degree in psychology. Your knowledge of child behavior will make you effective in a preschool or daycare classroom or even assisting psychologists who are working with children suffering from mental health issues.

Of course, a postgraduate degree in psychology is worth striving for as it provides you with better work opportunities. You can work as an industrial-organizational psychologist, clinical psychologist, developmental psychologist and school psychologist, among others. If you have plans of teaching college students, a PhD in psychology is going to be necessary.

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