What Careers In Healthcare Require A Bachelor’s Degree?

"What careers in the medical field require a BA? I have a lot of students that I work with that are discouraged by the difficulty of getting into a nursing program and don’t want to become doctors or get into a certificate program. What can they do with a Bachelor’s degree that doesn’t require further education?"

asked by Robert from Fort Wayne, IN

There are a number of different medical careers available for students who do not want to go onto nursing school or medical school. Which jobs are available depends on what your students decide to major in.

Medical Perfusionist

These are the medical workers who operate bypass machines during surgery along with other critical equipment which helps to control breathing and circulation. This is a high-earning job where a skilled professional can earn as much as $93,500 a year.

Clinical Trial Manager

This is another high-earning job, where it is possible to earn around $92,600 a year. These are the research managers who oversee clinical trials of new drugs, supplements, and other treatments and products. The job is supervisory in nature and requires extensive knowledge of FDA regulations.

Product Manager

This is another supervisory position involving research and development along with sales strategizing. Your students do not even necessarily need to have a health- or science-related degree to get into this job. A degree in business or marketing would suffice as well. In this role, it is possible to earn around $87,800 a year.

Transplant Coordinator

There is a lot of work involved with coordinating transplants. Medical workers in this capacity evaluate patients for transfers, figure out where the organ is coming from, do pre-transplant workups, and also provide follow up care. This job can bring in around $76,400 per year.

Radiology Director

This is another job which can carry a salary of around $76,400. In this position, a medical worker oversees other staff members involved with taking medical diagnostic images such as x-rays, MRIs, ultrasound readings, and CT scans.

Sales Representative

Another job that is involved with product marketing and not administering medicine, this job can bring in a hefty salary of $84,200 per year. Sales representatives reach out to doctors and patients alike to try and promote pharmaceutical products and medical technology on the behalf of manufacturers.

Medical Biller Or Coder

The salary range is quite broad for this occupation, but for a graduate with a bachelor’s degree, it can actually be quite reasonable, around $51,389 per year. What is more, employers are becoming more selective about these roles and are looking for candidates with degrees.

Other Things To Consider

Those are just a few professions to consider recommending to your students. As you can see, some of them are hands-on medical jobs while others involve the marketing and outreach end of business. All of them can pay well. This list is not exhaustive either; if you keep researching, I am sure you will find many other options as well.h3

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