What Do I Need To Be A Good Photographer?

If you think that knowing how to handle a camera is enough to become a good photographer, you’re very much mistaken. Professional photographers who are making good living from their ability to capture moments that will never again be repeated don’t just rely on high tech cameras and equipment. They develop their craft continuously no matter what type of photography they focus in. Whether they are fashion, portrait, news, commercial or fine arts photographers, they constantly improve their skill so that they can take the best shots. If you’re an aspiring photographer—and want to be extremely good at it—then you might be wondering what actually puts the best photographers at the top of their game. The following sections will give you the lowdown on this subject.

First of all, you need to have a passion for capturing moments on camera. Unlike other jobs which you can perform quite well even if you don’t really like what you are doing, photography is different. To succeed as a photographer, you need to be genuinely interested in it so that you will strive to learn everything you possibly can about it. Whether you are enrolled in a formal photography program or are trying to enhance what you already know on your own through books and online sources, your keen interest will sustain you through the difficult spots of a career as a professional photographer.

Another trait you need to become a good photographer is patience. Manipulating the camera and other equipment, determining the ideal conditions for shooting and ensuring that you get a clear and viable shot can only be perfected with constant practice. You only have a few seconds to get that perfect picture so you need to have steady hands and that ability to spot that conditions are ideal for the shoot. These can only come with constant practice.

A good photographer also possesses excellent technical knowledge of photography and the equipment being used. You should know your camera like the palm of your hand, so to speak. This means scrutinizing every feature and knowing the conditions when they should be used. Technical knowledge also entails understanding such concepts as lighting, stability, focusing and others since mastery of these things will make you a more effective photographer. All these concepts can be learned in photography school or even through self-study but they can only be mastered with constant hands-on experience.

Good photographers are also artists at heart. Although camera equipment and computer software used today have advanced to the point that photos can be vastly improved after the images have already been taken, it is the photographer’s creative eye that leads him to capture the emotion of the moment. If painters are able to evoke a lot of feelings and interpretations through what they paint on the canvas, photographers are able to elicit the same thing using their cameras—and those who are really proficient at their craft can still capture the best images even without photo editing software.

Finally, good photographers are always prepared. Technical expertise, the best camera models and all the cool gear that comes with it are all going to be for naught if you don’t remember to remove the lens cap before clicking away or you forgot to bring a spare memory card when the one you are using finally notified “memory card full.” You must always anticipate these situations and be ready to remedy them so that you don’t miss those important shots.

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