What Does A 2D Animator Do?

"I have always loved to sketch and would love a career where I can make use of my drawing skills. My art teacher told me that I had an eye for telling stories through my sketches and said I should consider becoming a 2D animator. What exactly does a 2D animator do?"

asked by Chelsea R. from Poway, California

2D animators work to make characters and backgrounds move in a two-dimensional environment. They make special effects, animate the scenes and transition the backgrounds from one to another. They are known for making inanimate objects come to life. These skills are in demand in the film, television and video game industries. As well as in new media like websites and other online platforms.

A good portion of the job of 2D animators time is spent sketching designs but they also do more than draw. They have to creatively think of ways to tell the story and let their characters reflect the actions that they want.

A 2D Animator usually decides how the characters move in their environment. How the scenes change are a product of the imaginative thinking of the 2D animator. They are more than a sketch artist, they are also a storyteller. 2D animators know how to use their artistic talent to communicate a sequence of events that can entertain his audience.

2D animators had to be very good at drawing because this was how animated work was first produced. Walt Disney’s early animated cartoons utilized 2D animation. The characters and scenes were drawn on a flat surface. Each stage of movement was painstakingly drawn one page at a time.

Creating drawings with the help of computer graphics has started to revolutionize the field of 2D animation. Many 2D animators are now well-versed in the use of software. Programs like:

Computer software like these and others help to make the final animated product. Through the use of these software programs, it is now easier and faster to put images together. Even though most 2D animators now use software – hand-drawing techniques will still be a valuable skill that 2D animators should have.

2D animators need to have a fresh supply of ideas for stories. They can use these ideas and other animated work so that they can pitch these to clients. They should also be flexible and creative enough to expand the ideas of their clients and come up with animations based on an outline given to them. Aside from creating animated cartoons, 2D animators may also make video games.

Once a 2D animator has a solid skillset, they could move into 3D animation but it’s their choice.

In order to finish a project, 2D animators will often need to work with other members of the production team. They must have good interpersonal skills in order to produce a high-quality product. The ability to listen to and communicate with different kinds of individuals is a skill that 2D animators have to have. This will allow the 2D animator to create a finished product within a given deadline.

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