What Does A Barber Do?

If women go to hairdressers to have their locks styled and trimmed, men go to barbers for their hair grooming needs. Barbers cut men’s hair following their desired hairstyles. Customers may want to get a classic cut, flat top, spiky, hipster, undercut or crew cut or even have designs carved on their scalp—name it and barbers are there to fulfill that need. They also provide hair-coloring services to men who want to achieve a unique look. Barbers mostly serve male clients but they may also serve women who prefer to have short hair and want the expertise of barbers to maintain the look for them.

Barbers don’t just do hair. They also shave men’s beards and trim mustaches. This service can be quite tricky as it takes a barber with skillful hands to be able to achieve the look and style customers desire with their facial hair. Whether the customer prefers a handlebar mustache or a pencil mustache, a Fu Manchu or a clean shaven look, barbers know how to use their scissors and razors to please their customers. Sideburns, muttonchops, goat patch and goatees are also other types of facial beards that barbers know how to shape for their clients.

Other services that barbers provide to their customers include eyebrow waxing, scalp treatments and face, neck and scalp massages. In order to do their work, they use clippers, scissors, razors, shaving cream, barber cloths, barber powder, hair dryer and barber neck paper. Shampoos, hair pomades, hair gels, hair sprays, hair tonics and hair creams are also products that barbers use to provide clients with the pampering they want.

A barber usually starts his workday by cleaning his workstation. When a client walks in, the barber asks him what he wants done and proceeds to get his tools, supplies and other products ready. If the customer does not have any idea as to the look he wants, the barber can provide recommendations on the style that would best fit him. With the assent of the customer, the barber will then proceed with cutting and styling the client’s hair.

One of the more challenging tasks of a barber is giving a kid a haircut. Toddlers who are brought to the barbershop for the first time may not like the experience of having someone else touch their hair and will make a fuss, making the haircutting procedure dangerous. Because of the sharp tools and implements used to do the job, it’s essential that the child stays still before the grooming starts. Barbers may need to talk with the child first in order to put him at ease with the procedure.

After the procedure is done, the barber will accept the payment for the service. If the customer is satisfied with the work, he may give a hefty tip to the barber which helps increase their income. In barbershops that also sell men’s grooming products, barbers may recommend shampoos, lotions and conditioners for their clients to buy. The barber will also have to clean his workstation and get it ready for the next client.

Barbers who have their own shops may also do work that is not related to cutting hair or trimming beards. They have to think of ways to market their services so that their shop will attract more customers. They will also have to oversee the accounting aspect of running a business and making sure that he stays on top on accounting matters. They must also see to it that their tax obligations are paid on time and that their business permits are renewed regularly. They must also ensure that all the employees in the barber shop follow the rules of the state regarding hygiene and the proper disposal of waste.

Barbers who run their own shops are also responsible for hiring and training new personnel. They see to it that they have the mandatory barbering licenses and that they know how to go about doing their tasks. They must also acquaint new barbers on the rules of the shop as far as sanitation and providing the best customer service are concerned. The latter is especially important since stellar service is what keeps clients coming back.

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