What Does A Character Designer Do?

When an animation or video game project requires the creation of a special character or characters, professionals known as character designers are called on to do the job. Character designers are responsible for conceptualizing and creating characters for various platforms, including television, games, new media and comics. They think about how the characters will look and act based on the theme of the project. This process entails collaboration with the client as well as the other members of the design team so that the character designers will have a background on the kind of character that they must create.

An important part of the job of character designers is making the storyboards. These are graphic organizers that show the sequence of events of a movie or animation project. This is an intricate and time-consuming process that also involves working together with the project’s editors, writers and designers. A storyboard creates a visual representation of the story and enables the creators of the project to anticipate problems in key frames before they happen. This will help save time and reduce the overall cost of production.

Once the storyboards are complete, character designers then proceed to drawing the characters using a computer program. This can involve sketching, inking and painting the characters. They can also work on cleaning the shots and adding other elements like lighting and music to the story. In some studios, this can also be delegated to other members of the team, particularly for large projects.

Another crucial task that character designers have to accomplish is to develop a back story. This refers to the story that explains who the character is and why he has come to act in a certain way. Retelling the character’s past exploits and adventures is often quite interesting in itself because there are major events in that character’s life that makes for memorable stories.

It’s important to understand that although character designers focus more on making characters, they cannot make these personalities believable if they don’t fit in the environment where they move in. Thus, they must also ensure that the background and other scenes of the story will fit seamlessly with the characters.

Character designers must fine tune their work before the final scenes are done. They must see to it that the movements of the characters are as close to reality as possible. At the same time, they must also see to it that there are no awkward moments in how the lighting, sounds and music are incorporated into each scene.

In addition to the creative process itself, character designers must also prepare for any eventualities involving lost files by keeping backup copies of all the work done. By doing so, they ensure that all their hard work won’t be lost and they won’t have to start from scratch in the event that all data gets erased from their hard drives.

Finally, character designers must work with all the members of the production team, keeping them updated on the progress of the work and ironing out wrinkles in the design. Most importantly, they must meet deadlines and see to it that they deliver their work on time.

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Character Designer

Character Designer

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