What Does A Commercial Photographer Do?

Commercial photographers use their skills and abilities to shoot pictures of subjects that are used mainly for marketing purposes. Thus, commercial photographers will take images that their clients will use to promote their business and sell their product. In a nutshell, this kind of photography will enable clients to eventually make money from the images even if it doesn’t do so directly. For example, they may be asked to take a picture of food items that will be placed in a restaurant’s menu. The restaurant owner won’t be able to sell the menu itself the way a postcard would but by creating a visually appealing menu card, they increase the chances of making clients order more of their food items.

The array of subjects that commercial photographers shoot varies widely. They can take pictures of gadgets, appliances, buildings, landscapes, automobiles, artifacts, people, events and different kinds of merchandise. They may choose to specialize in one aspect or opt to market their expertise in all. Whether they opt to specialize or not, commercial photographers don’t only take great pictures, they also understand the psychology of selling and know how to take images that would highlight the features of that product that will convince the target market to make a purchase.

Before any photo shoot, commercial photographers need to meet with the clients to get a clear idea of their vision and the final result they wish to derive from the photography session. They also talk about where the photos are going to be used and how the images are going to fit into the company’s overall brand. It is the job of commercial photographers to translate the idea of the client into persuasive, creative and of course, money-making photographs. During the shoot, they may also have to work with makeup artists, art directors and other professionals who play an important role in preparing models for the photography session.

Commercial photographers need to know how to operate their cameras and related equipment expertly in order to get the best shots. Since most of them use digital cameras, they also need to be able to manipulate computer software programs that will help them edit their original photographs. After the necessary enhancements on the size, color and special effects have been made in each photo, commercial photographers who process their own photographs use high-quality printers to produce hard copies.

Commercial photographers who are self-employed also do other activities that are not related to taking pictures. For instance, they have to promote their services to potential clients through different marketing strategies. Today, one of the most common avenues for professional commercial photographers to showcase their portfolio and skills is by maintaining their own websites. They also need to keep documents, process and maintain the necessary permits for their business to continue to operate, prepare the payroll, buy supplies, bill clients and pay the bills. They may also need to hire workers and train them for the roles they are expected to play in the company.

Career Spotlight: Commercial Photographer

Commercial Photographer

Commercial Photographer

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