What Does A Communications Director Do?

Communications directors are public relations specialists for companies, religious and civic organizations, government agencies and other firms. They are the go-to guys for external and internal communications. As the company’s strategists in corporate branding and image, the main task of these professionals lies in making the firm they represent look great in the eyes of the people. Public perception is very important for any organization because any negative news about the firm will have a detrimental impact on sales and profitability.

Since the media is the main carrier of news and developments, it is part of the job of communications directors to establish excellent working relationships with different members of the press. This involves inviting radio, television and newspaper reporters to the company’s different events and granting them interviews when they so request it. They also organize press conferences and invite press people to the firm’s product campaigns and launches. They also screen the press releases that will be sent out to the various media outfits.

Communications directors also understand that they have to build good rapport with the local communities where they or their offices or factories are located in. They also initiate different programs that would benefit the people in that community. The programs can include cleanup drives, plant-a-tree campaigns and volunteering to help care for the elderly in the community. For companies that have national operations, providing scholarship programs to deserving students in various schools across the country is also an option.

Communications directors spearhead these strategies with the purpose of putting the company’s best foot forward. They have to see to it that the firm is committed to its corporate social responsibility of keeping the interests not only of the company but of the environment and the community at the forefront of its operations.

Since image and public perception is very important in operating a successful business, communications directors work right away to quell any issue that would put the firm in a bad light. Social media makes news spread very rapidly such that if it is not addressed, it could potentially damage the company’s reputation and bring down the business.

Communications directors are also responsible for the company’s internal communications. An organization has to keep its employees in the loop about the events going on in the company. This is important to get their cooperation and give them a sense of belongingness to the organization. Thus, communications directors often maintain publications like newsletters and circulate emails to keep everyone informed. They also organize activities within the organization to maintain the cohesion and team spirit of everyone in the company.

Communications directors may work on their own in smaller firms or work with the help of their staff in large companies. They may also play a role in hiring the people who will become part of the company’s public relations team. Communications directors also train new hires and see to it that they know what the protocols and procedures are once they are already part of the team.

Career Spotlight: Communications Director

Communications Director

Communications Director

A communications director is responsible for seeing to it that the public will continue to see the company in a favorable light. You will be integral in forming the company’s corporate message, bran[...]

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