What Does A Computer Teacher Do?

"I would like to merge my knowledge about computers with my love for teaching young people. I would like to become a computer teacher someday. Can you please give me an overview of what a computer teacher does?"

asked by Tonya B. from Livonia, Michigan

In the advances that are now being made in the world of computers and information technology, it’s very important for someone to impart this highly-specialized knowledge to the younger generation and everyone else interested in learning about it. This is the job of computer teachers.

Like other teachers, computer teachers may work in both public and private schools that provide basic education. They also teach in colleges and universities as well as in night classes for workers who want to enhance their credentials by learning how to operate computers, manipulate new software programs or code.

Computer teachers perform the same duties as other teachers. They create lesson plans so that they will know what topics to discuss with their students in each session. The primary difference is that while biology teachers prepare biology lesson plans and history teachers prepare for lessons about the important periods in the life of our nation, computer teachers get ready to teach students about the history of computers, parts and functions of a computer set and other technical topics that they need to learn.

In addition to preparing lesson plans, computer teachers discuss the lessons with the students, always seeing to it that they are able to follow the concepts during the actual hands-on portion of the lesson. This can be a challenge to some who aren’t used to typing or aren’t too familiar with reading from a computer screen so computer teachers need to be patient and creative when making these presentations.

They also administer tests to determine if the students understood a concept and grade them accordingly. They also meet with parents or guardians to talk about the performance of their children in computer class. If a student needs help, they can recommend ways to help them improve their academic performance.

In most cases, computer teachers are put in charge of the computer laboratory. They see to it that the computers are functional and are updated with the latest software programs. They may also be asked to prepare the budget for other needs in the computer laboratory such as additional printers, an Internet connection and other necessities. For schools that lack funding, they may need to write grant proposals and submit these to potential donors in the hope that they will help the school improve its computer program with their donations.

Computer teachers have to know the latest developments in computer technology because this is such a dynamic and evolving field. This knowledge is particularly important because they are also tasked with planning, reviewing and revising the computer curriculum, course content and materials to reflect these developments. They can keep themselves updated by reading industry magazines, books and websites, discussing with colleagues and joining conferences and industry events.

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