What Does A Construction Foreman Do?

Construction foremen are in charge of the work done at construction sites. They are considered as first-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers and as such, they are a level above regular laborers but a notch lower than construction managers. They supervise and coordinate the activities of the workers in a construction site.

Supervision involves many different tasks. First, construction foremen must see to it that all the workers are assigned to a particular job based on their skills and qualifications. They must see to it that the workers know how to go about performing the tasks assigned to them and that those who are tasked to work on certain activities are certified to be able to do so. To be able to effectively divide the work among his workers, construction foremen must read the blueprints and other specifications.

The task of coordinating the different activities of construction work is also part of the job of construction foremen. Thus, they talk with construction managers to determine what the project requirements are in terms of the number of personnel and the deadlines that must be met. They will then make the necessary arrangements on which part of the work needs to be prioritized. They are also responsible for requisitioning supplies and materials in case these run out. In the event that there are problems in the worksite that the construction foremen cannot handle by themselves, they are also responsible for informing the project managers and consulting them on ways by which the problem may be addressed.

Construction foremen are also responsible for checking on how the work is progressing. Thus, they make regular inspections on the different aspects of the project. In the event of delays, they determine what is causing the setback and proceed to do something about it. For example, they can think of ways to improve the process, put in overtime work or motivate personnel. If the project is delayed because of equipment that is not functioning then the foremen will see to it that arrangements are made to have it repaired or replaced. Foremen must keep track of all work that is being done to ensure that the project deadlines are going to be met.

Jobs in construction are among the highest prone to injuries and accidents. Thus, construction foremen are tasked with evaluating the work plans and safety measures before the work starts. They must also ensure that all laborers under his watch wear safety equipment and follow all safety protocols established by the company. They must also see to it that the workers don’t conduct themselves in a manner that would injure themselves or their fellow laborers. These responsibilities are crucial in minimizing the rate of injuries in the workplace and preventing the work from getting delayed. It also saves the project owner the financial cost and potential lawsuits that could arise from injuries sustained at work.

Construction foremen also do physical labor. They often act as team leaders in the work they are assigned to do. In the construction of roads, for example, foremen can work as part of the team that can prepare the sub-grades that serve as the first bottom layer of road. They may also do work that involves making scaffoldings and other temporary structures if they are involved in the construction of homes and buildings.

Career Spotlight: Construction Foreman

Construction Foreman

Construction Foreman

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