What Does A Construction Laborer Do?

Construction laborers play a vital role in the construction industry. Without them, engineers and architects would not be able to realize their blueprints no matter how excellent these are. They provide the hands or physical labor necessary to prepare the area, carry construction materials around the worksite and operate the tools and equipment that are needed to get the job done.

The main responsibility of construction laborers is prepping the worksite for construction or demolition. If they are working to repair a bridge or highway, for example, one of their main tasks is to put road signs and markers that inform the driving public that construction is going on. They also direct them to detours that they can pass through. Those working in building construction will see to it that the entire area is free from hazards that could possibly injure workers or delay construction. They are also responsible for bringing materials like wood, cement, sand, gravel and nails, among others, to the various areas in the worksite. For construction laborers assigned to demolish old structures, preparation entails cordoning off the area to ensure that no one will enter when the demolition begins.

Construction laborers must use different tools and equipment to do their work. These include hammers, shovels, jackhammers, blowtorches, levels, power saws, power grinders and mortar mixes, among others. Before using these equipment, they will first need to read work plans to know what exactly needs to be done. They then make the necessary measurements on the areas where the work will be done.

Building any piece of infrastructure is no easy task since the support structures like scaffoldings, braces and shoring have to be made. Construction laborers are responsible for erecting these temporary structures. They may also have to dig trenches, level the earth or fill excavations before the work can proceed. With the use of cement mixers, they mix concrete as well. Some laborers are also assigned to operate generators which serve as the power source for tools and other types of machinery used in construction.

Construction laborers can obtain certification so that they can do work that only certified laborers can perform. For example, those who want to be able to work as hazardous material removers should have a federal license in the field. Workers who operate a forklift in rough terrain as well as those who want to remove asbestos should possess the necessary certifications before they can do so. Areas like welding, lead abatement and pipeline operation, among others, will also require certification.

Construction laborers can expect to work in all kinds of weather conditions although there may be work stoppage when the weather gets worse. A typical workday can be very demanding physically. They can be asked to work in cramped conditions or do their jobs high above the ground, especially when they are involved in the construction of high-rise buildings. They can also expect to lift heavy materials and tools to and from various areas in the construction site. The high rate of injuries experienced by construction laborers makes it imperative that these workers wear protective gear and follow established safety protocols.

Career Spotlight: Construction Laborer

Construction Laborer

Construction Laborer

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