What Does A Construction Manager Do?

Construction managers, also called general contractors or project managers, are professionals who are in charge of a construction project from the start to the end. They lead the whole endeavor and are concerned with getting the work done on time and within the set budget. This may sound simple enough but construction managers are actually burdened with a lot of responsibilities.

When the project is first conceptualized, construction managers are already part of the team that plans the project. They are also responsible for determining the materials that are needed for the project, the number of workers required and the skills that they need to have to get the job done. They are also responsible for providing the overall estimate of costs for the project. It is also their job to give the expected completion time for the project and setting the milestones that must be accomplished by a particular time frame so that the work will proceed smoothly.

Construction managers have to work together with the other members of the team to get the technical specifications and other details about the work. They are also responsible for ensuring that all contractors understand their responsibilities and that the latter maintain quality in the work that they are assigned to do. Failure to clearly explain what is expected of them and keep track of their work may compromise the integrity and quality of the project. This is why construction managers must see to it that the provisions of the contract are being followed by all contractors and subcontractors involved in the project. They must also see to it that the work complies with all the legal and safety standards set forth by the law and other building codes.

Coordinating the work of engineers, architects, laborers, electricians, landscapers and other building professionals is no easy task but this is part of the tasks of construction managers. They must be on top of everything so that building professionals will know when they are going to start their work. In the construction of new buildings, for example, electricians won’t be able to install the electrical connections until the structure itself is completed.

General contractors are also responsible not only for providing an initial estimate on the costs that the project will entail but also for keeping track of how much is actually spent while construction is going on. They must also make decisions if adjustments need to be made or funds have to be used to address emergencies that might happen during construction.

Problems do arise while construction is going on. Extreme weather changes, worker injuries and issues involving the foundations are just some of the problems that could prevent the work from moving forward. Construction managers have to find a way to address these immediately.

Construction managers report directly to the owners of the project. They regularly keep them updated about the developments and keep them informed about what is going on in the event of obstacles encountered during construction. If there are budgetary concerns or the work cannot be completed within the estimated time frame, they must communicate these to the owners right away.

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