What Does A Cosmetologist Do?

"I am interested in doing work in the personal appearance industry since I have always been interested in making people look good. Can you please give me more information on what a cosmetologist does?"

asked by Ruby L. from Los Angeles, California

Cosmetologists provide beauty services to their clients. They see to it that their customers feel good about themselves after the procedure. Cosmetologists are in the business of helping clients achieve self-confidence so they are knowledgeable about the science of beauty.

The main task of cosmetologists is to give treatments to the face and scalp. They also apply makeup to clients to enhance their appearance, putting into practice their knowledge of cosmetics, chemistry of color, color theory, facial shapes, physiology of the skin, nails and hair.

Before recommending treatment, they examine the condition of the client’s hair, face and scalp. They give suggestions to customers about the best way to care for these and answer their concerns regarding their physical appearance. Many cosmetologists sell beauty products to their clients as well.

In addition to providing beauty services to their clients, cosmetologists are also responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitary workspace. They must also know the procedure to follow in case they or their customers get cut while treatment is being given. Keeping a clean work area is also a very important to making customers satisfied and encouraging them to come back again.

Cosmetologists usually perform their treatments while standing up so they need to be fit and healthy enough to be able to stay up on their feet for long periods of time. They should also be skillful in working with their hands.

The typical day of a cosmetologist usually begins by taking a look at their schedule and acquainting themselves with the services required by the client. They may also spend their time calling up clients who are scheduled in the next few days to confirm their appointments as doing so minimizes the incidence of clients not showing up. They then organize their work station to ensure that all their tools are ready before clients start to arrive. Aside from ensuring that the tools are complete, they should see to it that these are sanitized following the sanitation regulations of the state.

When the clients arrive, the treatment services do not immediately begin. The cosmetologists have to consult with the clients to determine what they want done. The treatment starts only after the cosmetologist knows what the client really wants. If the customer is seeking makeup services, for example, the cosmetologist begins by selecting the color palette. The foundation and blush are then applied followed by the makeup for eyes and lips. No two treatments are alike for each client since each application is custom-tailored to their needs, tastes and preferences.

While the treatment is going on, another job of the cosmetologist is to get to know their clients more. This helps build trust between them and encourages repeat visits. A good strategy to follow is to book the client ahead of time for the next appointment so that they will make going to the salon a habit.

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