What Does A Cosmetology Instructor Do?

Cosmetology instructors are crucial in training future beauty workers who have the responsibility of making people look and feel good. Cosmetology is both a science and an art that requires extensive hands-on experience and instruction and the onus of ensuring that future cosmetologists and hairdressers are efficient and effective in their profession lies in cosmetology instructors. They are responsible for training students in all aspects of the job— from the theory behind beauty to the anatomy of the human body as it relates to cosmetology to the different skills they must learn in applying makeup and styling hair, among others.

Cosmetology teachers must also see to it that clients learn the safety practices that they must observe in the salon that they are working in. This is crucial because cosmetologists, hairdressers and nail technicians handle sharp tools and equipment that could injure themselves or their clients when not handled properly. They also teach students the proper way of maintaining hygiene and sanitation in their work environments.

Like other college teachers, cosmetology instructors prepare lesson plans. They make sure that the topics they discuss with their students are in line with the state’s curriculum. This is important because they have to prepare their students for the board exams so that they can get their cosmetology license—an important requirement in most states before they can practice their career. Compared to other teachers, cosmetology teachers don’t just discuss theory. Most of their lessons are hands-on demonstrations that teach students the skills they need to be able to provide various beauty services in a salon setting.

Beauty schools also give students the opportunity to practice with real clients in a beauty salon. During these sessions, the instructor supervises the student closely to prevent accidents. These exercises will also help the teacher gauge the abilities of the student and the areas where they need to improve on. Part of the job of cosmetology instructors is giving constructive criticism to students as they perform their tasks. This will guide them to do their jobs well when they go out into the real world and start working in beauty establishments.

Grading students, monitoring their progress and giving them additional activities and resources to help them improve their craft are also part of the job of cosmetology instructors. They must also see to it that the students have the necessary equipment and tools as well as the educational resources they need to be able to pass the course and the exams with flying colors. Without the necessary tools to practice the trade, they would have a difficult time learning the intricacies of haircutting and makeup application, among others.

Cosmetology instructors must also be prepared to answer the questions and clarifications that the students will have regarding the topics discussed or the demonstration given. They must be able to speak clearly and patiently show them how to perform certain procedures with care and ease. Part of their job is training students on how to pamper their customers by giving them the best service possible. This encourages customers to keep on coming back which is important for beauty salons to thrive in the intensely-competitive beauty industry.

Outside the classroom, cosmetology instructors also have to fulfill other responsibilities. They are often required to connect with industry players, such as beauty salons and businesses selling beauty products. Making linkages is important because this will help expand the students’ network when they set out to find jobs. It also gives students the opportunity to attend conferences and seminars and learn from professionals who are recognized in the field.

In some schools, instructors are tasked with handling the school’s job placement services which connects recent graduates to potential sources of employment. They may also provide letters of recommendations to students which will help vouch for their abilities and skills to potential employers. At the end of the program, instructors must be confident that they have taught the students everything they need to know to get an entry-level job in a salon.

Cosmetology instructors are typically required to have worked as a beauty professional before they are hired to teach. The hands-on experience they have in the industry is crucial in teaching students about what they can expect in the professional world. They must also be licensed cosmetologists. They must also have completed a cosmetology teacher training program which will equip them with the skills they need to impart lessons effectively to their students.

Career Spotlight: Cosmetology Instructor

Cosmetology Instructor

Cosmetology Instructor

A cosmetology instructor teaches in schools offering cosmetology courses. You will teach the methods and skills that those who wish to work as personal appearance workers need to learn in order to mak[...]

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