What Does A Customer Service Manager Do?

"I want a career that will allow me to work with people and cater to their needs. I’m thinking of doing something along the lines of customer service, such as that of being a customer service manager. This is why I’d like to know more about this occupation. What does a customer service manager do?"

asked by Dawn B. from Atlantic City, New Jersey

The primary job of customer service managers is to see to it that customers are satisfied with the service that they have received from the company. Aside from giving quality and outstanding service, managers work to instill in everyone in the organization the concept of providing excellent service all the time, even to the point of going over and beyond what is expected of them.

Customer service managers may be tasked with handling and responding to questions and concerns from clients through the phone, by email, in person or by letter. They also direct the customer services team to do their work and are tasked with developing the company’s customer service policy.

They need to be knowledgeable about the products and services that the organization offers because they give help and provide advice to customers about these. They may even be tasked to come up with customer resources such as reports or pamphlets about the company’s offers.

As managers, they take care of problems that customer service assistants cannot anymore handle on their own. These could include complicated or long-standing issues that have plagued the organization for some time. Customer service managers usually investigate and solve serious problems like security breaches and clients getting sick or injured because of using the company’s products. They are often the face of the company when such matters occur, working to appease customers and trying to keep the matter from getting blown up and putting the company in a bad light.

Customer service managers also need to maintain records about their correspondence with clients, taking their complaints and the solutions that were given to resolve the problem. In order to gauge the level of customer service they are providing to their customers, customer service managers also evaluate statistics and data that they have gathered. They then report this to top management so that proper steps may be taken to improve it.

It is also part of the job of customer service managers to formulate procedures and policies that would standardize the organization’s customer service. Aside from establishing steps to deal with customer complaints and concerns, they also develop feedback forms and other mechanisms by which clients can air their grievances or suggestions. They also meet with the managers of the company’s other departments in order to talk about how the needs of customers are going to be met more effectively.

Customer service managers also assist in the hiring process. They work hand-in-hand with the human resources department in recruiting new employees and appraising the performance of existing workers. They also train the staff in the company’s procedures and supervise them at work.

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