What Does A Digital Strategist Do?

The Internet has truly revolutionized how companies do business. It’s rare for organizations not to have an online address and because of its wide reach and cost-effectiveness, companies leverage social media to reach their target market and improve profitability. Because digital strategy is a relatively new field, professionals who are knowledgeable about the Internet landscape and possess the specialized skills to carry out a successful online campaign to grow a business are vital. These pros are known as digital strategists.

The crux of the role of digital strategists lies in helping clients come up with a marketing strategy that would reach their target audiences through all the possible available channels online. Creating a marketing strategy entails following a step-by-step process that begins with helping clients identify their goals for a particular endeavor. This is a crucial step since the next steps will depend on what these goals are.

Before they can frame a marketing plan for a client, digital strategists must identify their target audience. This entails doing a lot of research to get to know the market further. They need to know the people they are trying to persuade to patronize a particular product or service. Their surveys seek to provide information on the potential consumers’ age ranges, occupations, hobbies, marital status and their states of residence. They also get data on matters that reveal their online behavior, such as which social media sites they have an account in, what they use the Internet for and the kinds of websites they visit regularly.

With the background information they have gathered on the target market coupled with the goals that the client wishes to achieve, digital strategists will then determine the best method or methods to use to be able to attain those goals. Promoting a business online isn’t simply about advertising the business. It’s about putting quality content on the website so that visitors will trust it enough to keep on returning to it and recommending it to those who have the same interests. It’s about knowing search engine optimization and using keywords that will put the site at the top of search engine results. It’s about capitalizing on social media and keeping a blog to maintain contact with those who are interested in your product. Digital strategists must be knowledgeable about all these aspects of promoting a business online. They may not be the ones who will execute the plan but they are the ones who will formulate a cohesive and overall strategy to make a business succeed in the digital sphere.

The work of digital strategists does not end with planning and implementing the marketing strategy. They have to monitor its implementation to ensure that it achieves the goals that have been previously identified. Tracking progress is especially important if the client is paying for certain media plans upon the advice of the strategist as part of the overall plan. They will then provide regular progress reports to their clients and make the necessary adjustments to the digital strategy if the situation requires it.

Career Spotlight: Digital Strategist

Digital Strategist

Digital Strategist

A digital strategist provides solutions to a company’s business problems as they relate to the digital world. You will be responsible for creating marketing plans to improve, for example, a company[...]

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