What Does A Dog Warden Do?

Dog wardens or animal control workers work to ensure that laws about dogs and other animals are enforced. This is a responsibility that encompasses a wide variety of activities. For starters, dog wardens see to it that there are no stray dogs on the streets when they conduct regular patrols in their jurisdictions. This is an important part of their responsibility since there are some strays that can be fierce and end up attacking people. In this regard, dog wardens perform the two-fold responsibility of protecting both dogs and people. They would then bring the strays they catch to the animal shelter or pound. These facilities usually have a set time for owners who may have lost their pets to claim their dogs from the shelter. Dog wardens will also process lost pet claims, asking for proof of ownership and identification before releasing the animal to their owners. Canines that are left in the pound may be put up for adoption.

Dog wardens also investigate complaints involving dogs that have killed or maimed livestock. They talk with the owners of the dog to ascertain the veracity of the complaint and the whereabouts of their dogs at the time of the incident. They also check with the livestock owners to find out more about the incident. After they have heard the two sides of the story, checked the dead bodies of the animals and conducted a thorough investigation at the scene, they would then write the reports and make the necessary recommendations on the charges that should be made following the animal laws enforced in the locality.

Animal control workers are also responsible for ensuring that all dog owners hold dog licenses. During regular inspections, they see to it that these licenses are not expired. If they find dog owners who don’t have licenses or hold expired ones, dog wardens see to it that they are given warnings or issued citations for their violations. They also conduct regular surveys to find out how many dog owners don’t possess dog licenses.

Dog wardens also have responsibilities in the animal shelters where they work when they are not on the streets catching strays. They may help with the feeding and watering of the dogs under their care and cleaning their cages so the canines stay healthy. Under the instruction of their chief warden, they may also be asked to euthanize some dogs. Usually, euthanasia is the final remedy for canines that are too vicious to reform or those that have become very sick and possess little or no hope of recovery. This is one of the emotionally stressful parts of the job of dog wardens.

In addition to actually handling animals, dog wardens also endeavor to make the public more aware about laws and statutes involving the control of dogs. Thus, they would promote awareness by holding talks in schools and other public gatherings about these topics. They also help local governments come up with educational programs that would enlighten the residents about their responsibilities as dog owners and the laws that govern their ownership. One of the best strategies that dog wardens establishing community relations can do is responding quickly to complaints from residents and answering any questions they may have.

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Dog Warden

Dog Warden

A dog warden enforces the laws of the county or state about dogs. This entails doing a variety of activities related to handling canines in cases involving mistreatment and negligence, violations of d[...]

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