What Does A Film Producer Do?

"I want to pursue a career in film but not as an actor or director. Rather, I want to be the moving force at the background as the producer. This is why I want to learn more about this occupation. What does a film producer do?"

asked by Sean G. from Martinsburg, West Virginia

While the creative decisions of a movie project are handled by directors, the business decisions are taken care of by film producers. In a nutshell, their job revolves around ensuring that a high-quality movie is produced within the set deadline and budget. They are responsible for virtually all aspects of film production and as such, they supervise the work of everyone involved in the film production process.

The work of film producers starts even before a movie is conceptualized. In fact, they look for a potential movie material from books, scripts or other ideas submitted to them. They also ask scriptwriters to finalize the script so that it attracts the attention of potential directors who they want to direct the film. If the film project is not initiated by a studio, producers are responsible for looking for a studio that will make the movie. In the event that the film is not made for a particular studio, film producers strive to raise money for the project.

Film producers also get the members of the production’s creative team together. They hire directors, cinematographers, art directors and other crew members so that film production will proceed smoothly later on. After producers have hired the directors, they will often work with them in selecting actors for the project, although they may sometimes leave the casting to the directors themselves.

Film producers also establish the budget for the project and determine where the scenes will be shot. They also create a schedule detailing when the production will start and end as well as the plans for each shooting day.

During the production phase of the movie, film directors see to it that the schedule is followed and the funds are released in a timely manner so that there will be no delays in the shooting. In the event that directors want major changes in the project, the producers will have the final word in approving or denying it. They also take care of problems that may arise with the directors, actors and other crew members. They review the film shots taken at the end of each shooting day as well and if they have inputs that they believe will improve the film, they will give their insights to the director.

Film producers also work with the directors in the postproduction phase. They have a say as to which scenes are going to be included in the film’s final cut and in what order. They also review the edited copy and make suggestions for further revisions to enhance the film’s final cut. They also meet with potential distributors that will be responsible for distributing the movie when it is finally released.

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