What Does A Floral Designer Do?

The main task of floral designers is to turn cut flowers and greenery into beautiful and artistically arranged displays. Working in flower shops and sometimes in grocery stores, floral designers ensure that their floral arrangements meet the needs of clients. They may be asked to do quick and simple designs while the customer waits or they may be asked to fulfill an order of more elaborate and time-consuming arrangements. Florists, as floral designers are also called, know how to make wreaths, bouquets, basket arrangements, boutonnières, corsages and centerpieces for various occasions, including weddings, funerals, graduations, holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. They may also be commissioned to change the fresh floral arrangements of an office or a home on a regular basis.

Florists may grow their own flowers which they use for their arrangements. It is more common for them to order their flowers and supplies like floral foam, ribbons and flower food from wholesalers. Florists may also use artificial flowers and dried flowers for their arrangements.

The work of floral designers involves more than just making the actual arrangement. They talk with customers to ascertain the arrangement they want and for what occasion. If they are in the shop, they will help them pick the flowers that would comprise the arrangement. They will often guide the client in deciding which flowers to choose from based on their knowledge about the meaning of flowers.

For example, they might recommend that a young man give an arrangement composed white tulips to his girlfriend if he wants to ask for forgiveness for a wrong committed. They might recommend a bouquet of pink carnations if the client wants to say thank you to another person. After the customer has chosen the flowers, the florist will then start putting them together to produce a breathtaking work of art. Some florists may accept payment from the client when the arrangement is done while in other florist shops, this is the job of a cashier.

Floral designers also advise clients on ways they can keep the freshly cut flowers they bought longer. For example, they would recommend that the flowers be soaked in water with flower food that they have supplied and replacing the water when it becomes cloudy or yellowish. They would also recommend using a very sharp knife when the stems need to be re-cut and keeping the flowers in temperatures between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit to make them last longer. They would also educate customers to keep flowers away from television and other appliances since they emit heat that can lead flowers to become dehydrated.

Floral designers do a lot of work when they are not catering to the needs of customers. They check the inventory of remaining flowers and order new ones for those varieties that are running low or have run out of stock. As soon as the flowers arrive, they cut off the excess leaves, put flower food solutions to floral containers where they would stock the flowers and put these in cool display cases in order to keep them fresh longer. They also see to it that workspaces are regularly disinfected and cleaned.

To do their work effectively, they need to possess in-depth knowledge about flowers. They need to know which flowers are in season, what the sizes of their petals are and whether they need to be soaked in water for a long period of time or not. They also need to be updated on the latest trends and advancements in floral design in order to give the best service to their clients.

Floral designers who operate their own business may also be involved in the other tasks that are necessary to make the shop thrive. They think of ways to lure customers to buy more flowers, promote their business through various channels and give promos and discounts to their regular patrons to ensure repeat business and so that they will recommend the shop to people they know. Owners must also be on top of the financial aspects of running their operations. They must pay taxes and their employees on time and keep track of the income and expenses of the flower shop. They may also have to hire additional employees and train them in crafting floral designs.

Career Spotlight: Floral Designer

Floral Designer

Floral Designer

A floral designer creates flower arrangements for various clients. They could be asked to make floral displays for such occasions as weddings, debuts and funerals. Some floral designers make the flora[...]

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