What Does A Foreign Affairs Analyst Do?

"I will be getting my International Studies degree soon and I want to put it to good use. I want to become a foreign affairs analyst but I don’t know much about this profession yet. Please enlighten me on this. What does a foreign affairs analyst do?"

asked by Jewel B. from Milpitas, California

Foreign affairs analysts are professionals who are interested in and have deep knowledge of international relations, especially of the interests that the United States holds in different countries. They can specialize in various areas of foreign affairs, including worldwide trade, US foreign policy, international economics, foreign policy and domestic security, terrorism, sustainable environmental management, regional governments and developing nations and international law.

Foreign affairs analysts are deemed experts in their field of specialization and are looked upon to provide insights and advice on events in the international scene that affect their home country. They need to conduct research on various issues that would impact the policies and position of the United States.

They also need to be updated on the political, economic and social developments of various regions around the world. With their knowledge and incisive analysis, they help governments and the institutions they work for formulate or remake policies and establish goals.

Another task that foreign affairs analysts may be called upon to do is to scrutinize the role of multinational corporations, humanitarian organizations and government agencies operating in a particular country and assess what their effect is on international relations. From these analyses, foreign affairs analysts can give their take on the matter in research studies that they send to publications or in their opinions when interviewed by media outlets.

Many foreign affairs analysts work for government agencies, broadcast media or private firms. No matter where they are connected with, analysts also liaise between them and the region or country which they are assigned to monitor. They have to be knowledgeable not only about its history but the recent events that have unfolded there as well, particularly in areas which affect its political and business ties with the United States.

Foreign affairs analysts do a lot of research and writing, especially if they are pursuing doctoral degrees so they can be considered experts in a particular region. They would need to travel to the area and immerse themselves in local customs and culture in order to gain a better understanding of the country, its people and their government.

They would need to learn the language and be fluent in it as much as possible so they can obtain a deeper knowledge about the people and their beliefs and aspirations.

All these seemingly inconsequential things actually help foreign affairs analysts provide a more insightful analysis of the political, military and social events that the country is facing. An objective analysis of a particular situation that does not fail to consider the human aspect will consequently help authorities formulate better policies that will foster understanding and peace.

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