What Does A Game Show Host Do?

Game show hosts are professionals who are the on-screen personalities responsible for successfully running a game show on television. As hosts, their work primarily involves introducing the mechanics of the game to the players who will participate in it and the audiences who are in the studio as well as those watching from their television screens all over the country. They have to see to it that the participants understand the rules thoroughly so it is part of their task to orient the players before the show starts and during practice runs. In order to put jittery nerves at ease, game show hosts also talk with players about their interests, work and life in general before and during the show. Before the show ends, they make sure to proclaim the winner and award the prizes.

The job of game show hosts does not only take place in front of the camera. In fact, a great deal of the work takes place off-cam. If they have been hired to host a new show, for example, the preliminary meetings can discuss important aspects of the show like the concept, rules and hosting approach. They will be asked to memorize scripts and prepare for impromptu situations during the show when adlibbing may be required.

Regular meetings to evaluate performance and improve the existing format are also held with the rest of the production staff for shows that have already been running for some time. Game show hosts are also required to attend these meetings.

Game Show Hosts must be alert at all times while a game is going on because they will need to ensure that each contestant follows the rules of the game. If not, they will have to make the call on nullifying a score or stopping the player from participating in the rest of the game. They also have to be quick in spotting contestants who cheat at any point in the game. The ability to think quickly on their feet is an important trait of all game show hosts since there may be interesting interactions with audiences and contestants that will require them to respond in a smart or funny manner.

Since they are the ones who run the show, they must be able to control the crowd. Game show hosts must know what to do and what to say to ensure that live audiences behave.

The host and the rest of the production staff may be called to a meeting by the producer or director to evaluate a recently-concluded show. They will talk about the areas that need to be improved on and bring up any concerns that need to be settled among co-workers to ensure a smooth and harmonious working relationship with all members of the team. Game show hosts can also make suggestions that will hopefully make succeeding programs better. These meetings can also tackle ratings results and brainstorm ways to improve viewership if they are lagging behind the competition. If they are leading the pack, then the meetings can center on ways for them to remain on top.

Game show hosts also serve as the representatives of the program to other shows. They may need to promote the game in other talk shows on radio and television as well as in their public appearances both on-camera and off. All-in-all, a career as a game show host can be stressful, especially if competition for a particular time slot is tough and ratings are not meeting expectations. But for those who love games and social interaction, this job can also be very fulfilling.

Career Spotlight: Game Show Host

Game Show Host

Game Show Host

A game show host is in charge of running a game show where contestants play for prizes. Part of your responsibilities include telling the studio and television audience what the game is all about, how[...]

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