What Does A Guitarist Do?

Guitarists are the musicians who manipulate the strings of a musical instrument known as the guitar to produce music. When part of a band, they often showcase their musical prowess by playing solo parts that make the song more engaging to their listeners. Guitarists of rock bands are known for this display of skill which is one reason why their fans love going to their concerts.

Guitarists, whether they are lead or rhythm guitarists, are responsible for providing the instrumentals necessary to make a song come alive. It is often their playing that can add color and texture to a song. Guitarists who also serve as the vocalists of their respective bands have the two-fold responsibility of playing the notes right and providing the best vocal rendition at the same time. This can be challenging and can be performed only by the most dedicated of musicians. They must also be very knowledgeable about their instrument since a lot of improvisation may be necessary during live performances.

Guitarists are expected to know their equipment intimately and expertly as possible since they are often responsible for setting these up before every show. They should know how their amplifiers, effects processors and other kinds of equipment work so that there will be no hitches in their performance when they finally go live. A little technical know-how is also needed since they may need to make minor fixes on their equipment a few minutes before a show starts. Since they own their guitars and other related musical instruments, they are also expected to care for and maintain these in between gigs.

Aside from performing live, guitarists also write songs together with their band mates. During their practice sessions, guitarists collaborate with their vocalist, drummer and pianist to come up with fresh songs which can be recorded later on in the studio after the lyrics and chords have been finalized. Attending rehearsals is also part and parcel of the work of guitarists since it is here where they are able to make harmonious music with the rest of their band mates. Even if they are not writing a new song in these sessions, guitarists must be present during band rehearsals so that they can finalize their playlist for an upcoming gig and basically hone their playing technique.

It is also the job of all members of a new band—guitarists included— who have not yet signed a deal with a record label to promote the group in all avenues possible. Marketing is an important part of a guitarist’s role since this is what will gain the attention of fans and bring on invitations to play in different events. In today’s interconnected world, using social media like Facebook and Twitter to promote a band has become very necessary because of the wide reach and low cost of this medium.

One of the more exciting events in a guitarist’s life is when the band gets signed up to a major record label. To prepare for an album, they do recordings in a music studio with the rest of their band mates. This may take some time since it may necessary to repeat sessions to perfect the band’s music and sound.

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How To Become A Guitarist

How To Become A Guitarist

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