What Does A Hospitality Manager Do?

"I want a career which lets me travel after school, and so I was thinking maybe I should get into hospitality. But most jobs in hotels don’t pay really well, do they? I’m thinking minimum wage? So I don’t want to be a clerk or work in the kitchen or anything, and I definitely don’t want to get stuck in housekeeping. That would be awful. So then I was thinking about management. Management would pay me well, and it’d let me travel, or at least pick a really awesome place to live and work. What are the daily responsibilities of a hotel manager?"

asked by Mitch from Aberdeen, ID

Hospitality managers have a big job. It is their responsibility to make sure that everything is running smoothly in their hotels or other lodgings. Hotels are complex organizations with many staff members working in different departments. The hospitality manager oversees all of these departments, coordinating with department managers and other staff members to ensure that everybody is doing their jobs and that guests are satisfied with the overall experience.

When you direct hotel operations, you will work with executive housekeepers, front desk managers, finance controllers, human resources directors and others to make sure that standards are being met for each of those departments.

It is up to you as the head of the hotel to set those standards in the first place, unless they are set for you by your company (some lodgings are private, while others are part of a larger chain of operations).

As a hospitality manager, you must communicate clearly so that all of the hotel staff members understand what is expected of them in their roles.

This job involves a lot of interaction and enjoying working with other people is a must. You will spend most of your time coordinating with others in your hotel, but you also may need to speak directly with guests to reassure them and solve problems personally. This means that customer service is also an essential job skill. You need to be adept at organization and multitasking.

Some hospitality managers achieve their positions through years of experience in the industry, but the vast majority have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. If you can, you should try to aim for a degree in hospitality, but if your school does not offer that, look into a degree in business management. Other bachelor’s degrees may suffice if they are combined with experience, but it is best to take the most direct route since you know where you would like to end up.

If you get a college degree which is directly in line with hospitality management, you can probably skip out on most of the job experience requirements and get straight into a management position. You may still need some job experience, but you can likely cut years out of the process, and start earning better wages faster.

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  1. Jason says:

    I’m currently in a hospitality degree program, but it is for an associates. How much more different would the associates degree be in comparison with the bachelors degree? What should I expect as a beginner?

    • Rene Pedraza says:

      “How much more different” – The difference, I imagine, is that you won’t be composing sentences with such appalling grammar?

  2. Alyssa says:

    I have a simple question, I am a minor searching for a part time job for my ROP Entertainment class job placement. Im planning on sending an email into my local/tribal casino, and I was curious if I’d directly talk to the Hospitality Manager, or someone else.

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