What Does A Human Resources Manager Do?

"While I was in high school, I did a lot of administrative/reception type work in an office. I liked it, but I didn’t like the salary. It was way too low! It would never be enough to live on, even if I worked full time or longer, and I want to be able to live at least relatively comfortably. So I got to thinking that human resources might be something to consider. It seems like an administrative type of job, and the work environment would be similar, and I’m pretty sure the pay would be better too if I became the HR manager. What would I do in this position? What are the job duties?"

asked by Cathy from Topeka, KS

Human resources is arguably one of the most important departments in any company, if not the most important department. As human resources staff members generally are responsible for staffing all other positions in a firm (including executive positions), their decisions have overarching ramifications that affect the entire company.

Any company is only as good as its employees, and each company relies on its HR department to bring good people onboard. If you become the HR manager, you will be overseeing this important department, which arguably makes your job one of the most critical in the company.

Someone who is suitable for working in HR, particularly in a managerial role, will be a person who enjoys responsibility and does not shy away from difficult decisions.

Leadership qualities are particularly important at the management level, and you will also need to be talented when it comes to mediating disputes. You need to have clear communication skills and be skilled when it comes to judging the talents and merits of others.

How involved you will be with each of the duties assigned to the HR department probably depends on the size of the firm you are working for and how many employees are under you. Sometimes HR managers conduct most of the HR business themselves, while other times they may oversee a number of other employees.

As the HR manager, you will need to assist your company with the following:

Those are just a few of the responsibilities allocated to the HR department, but there are many more. You will need to be good at multitasking and be able to take a comprehensive view of the development of your company. If you enjoy working closely with others, in your department and outside of it, and ensuring an efficient organization, you will probably do well as a human resources manager.

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