What Does A Landscape Designer Do?

Landscape designers are professionals who work to make outdoor spaces functional and attractive. For example, they use their knowledge of horticulture to make a lawn or backyard come alive and burst with color by planting different varieties of plants. Aside from the aesthetic effect that they bring, ornamental plants and flowers also make a space look more natural and environmentally-friendly. Because of this, landscape designers maximize the use of greens in their designs. In addition, they also use stones, patios and sidewalks skillfully in their projects. Landscape designers may also use water features like ponds and pools to highlight certain features of the area. They are also equipped to construct decks, porches and other even outdoor kitchens.

Just like landscape architects, landscape designers also meet with clients before beginning any project. They talk about what the clients want, any special functions that they want the design to accomplish and the features they want to incorporate in the design. Landscape designers then proceed to make the preliminary sketches either by hand or with the use of a computer-aided design program. They show these to the client again for approval and make other changes as necessary before proceeding with the project. In these meetings, landscape designers also detail the cost of the project, the materials needed and the length of time it will take for the project to be completed.

When the project is already underway, landscape designers supervise construction work. They make sure that the specifications of the design are followed and that the project milestones are completed on time. Before the project is started, landscape designers are responsible for securing the necessary permits and regulatory approvals from the relevant authorities or government offices in the area. They are also expected to immediately address any problems that might crop up any time while construction is going on.

Upon completion, landscape designers tour the clients to the finished product so the latter can check for themselves the quality of the project. This will also give the clients the opportunity to have any problems corrected before they finally turn over the project to them.

Landscape designers are similar to landscape architects in terms of the tasks they do. Both are professionals who creatively use their sense of aesthetics and expertise in landscaping to make a dull and even challenging environment come alive and achieve a particular function. However, the difference is that before landscape architects can use the designation, they have to fulfill a certain set of criteria like finishing a four-year landscape architecture degree, meeting experience requirements and passing an exam. The term “landscape designer,” on the other hand, is not regulated by any governing body. As such, it is a designation that can be used by anyone who knows how to perform landscaping tasks.

This does not mean, however, that landscape architects are better qualified than landscape designers. In many instances, both professionals actually work together to complete a project. This is because landscape architects or landscape designers may specialize in one type of landscaping project and need the input of each other to finish a design. For example, if a landscape architect is able to make the best structures but he does not know a thing about plants, he could get a landscape designer who specializes in plantings to complement his creations and create an outdoor masterpiece.

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Landscape Designer

Landscape Designer

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