What Does A Magazine Editor Do?

If you are passionate in pursuing a career in magazine editing, it is essential to understand how the realm of editing works. It is imperative that you have experience before you can move forward in the magazine editing world. Magazine editors will typically hold a Bachelor’s degree in writing, communications, or journalism. It is important to have a strong writing, spelling, and grammatical background. Join your high school or college newspaper to understand the writing or editing process. Many magazine editors start their experience through interning at various magazine publications.

As a magazine editor, you will be responsible for developing content and keeping up with industry news, while keeping your target audience in mind. Furthermore, a magazine editor will assign areas for the overall photographs, text, and illustrations for the publication. Additionally, many magazine editors supervise the entire production of the publication, from start to finish. The magazine editor is essentially the driving force that brings a publication together. Without the magazine editor, the publication would lose focus and be undistinguished to the target audience.

Magazine editors have a vast amount of work to cover when editing a publication. Editing a publication requires far more work than just editing, punctuation, or grammatical errors; editors have to understand the true focus, integrity, and overall aesthetic of the publication. It is important to keep the content of the magazine publication fresh, innovative, consistent, and most importantly, relevant to society. Throughout the course of your day, you will attend many meetings with your writing staff, freelance writers, advertorial staff, and new interns.

It is essential to a magazine editor to keep a high quality publication of text and photographs. The production schedule essentially determines the overall schedule of the magazine editor. Many magazine editors work full-time in very busy offices and typically have a stressful, time-sensitive job. Magazine editors typically work long hours and outside of their work environment in order to ensure the publication is of a high quality.

It is crucial to a magazine editor’s reputation that the information is accurate and relevant before the magazine is published. Deadlines and constant revisions of content is a daily occurrence of a magazine editor’s role. The magazine editor wears many hats, as they oversee and coordinate a vast array of content, employees, and their own writing projects.

Magazine editors read, correct, and re-write copy for the publication. Furthermore, the role of the magazine editor is to verify information, evaluate submissions, and decide what content will move to the publishing phase. A magazine editor will oversee the writing staff and help them with the formation of their ideas as well as their story lines.

A successful magazine editor will work well with other individuals, be open minded to fresh perspectives, and oversee the entire publication’s overall style and editorial aesthetic. If you have an enthusiasm for writing, editing, and strong literary skills, you may want to pursue a career in magazine editing. Furthermore, if you have the drive, a strong work ethic, and a creative vision, magazine editorial work may be the right fit for you.

Career Spotlight: Magazine Editor

Magazine Editor

Magazine Editor

Magazine editors oversee, delegate, plan, and review content for publication. Many editorial positions exist, such as senior, managing, marketing, graphics, and features, and each position will requir[...]

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