What Does A Makeup Artist Do?

Professional makeup artists work to provide clients with the kind of look they want to achieve by applying cosmetics. Depending on the kinds of clients they cater to, makeup artists can make a bride look truly blushing for her wedding day, make models ready for the cameras or create out-of-this world characters for movies and film.

Makeup artists working in salons and beauty shops can prepare a person for special events like weddings, debuts and other special occasions by hiding flaws and highlighting her best features through the use of cosmetic products and application techniques. Fashion makeup artists, on the other hand, know how to apply makeup to fashion models so they will look stunning in pictures. For models who are going to walk the runway during fashion shows, makeup artists collaborate with the designer who decides on the look for all models.

For instance, if the designer wants a mystical theme for his fashion show then the makeup artist will make each model look supernatural, taking into consideration the effect that is given when stage lights hit the model’s faces.

Makeup artists working in the film industry don’t necessarily have to make their subjects look pretty. Rather, the emphasis is on applying makeup that will make the actor look like the character he is meant to play. If an actor is supposed to play the role of Albert Einstein or some other famous figure in history, makeup artists know exactly what to do in order to create an exact replica. Some makeup artists are so talented that they can make young actors look older and transform male actors to females and vice-versa.

The more lucrative positions go to makeup artists who have the ability to create special effects. Through the use of makeup, they have the talent and skill to make creatures that only exist in our imagination come to life. From characters that give people the creeps in horror movies to aliens that look so realistic in science fiction films, makeup artists working in movie sets face different kinds of challenges than other makeup artists who enhance the look of people. These makeup artists are also responsible for making blood look very real and sick people look the way sick people are supposed to look. In order to create these visually-compelling images, they need to have knowledge of how these components and people actually look in real life. They also have to employ a lot of creativity and imagination into their work.

A typical workday in the life of a makeup artist starts with preparing the tools needed. This includes brushes, makeup palettes and other supplies. The tools must be sanitary and work station clean and inviting. When the client arrives, the makeup artists talks with her first to determine the look she wants to achieve. This conversation will also help the artist determine if the client has allergies to components of certain kinds of cosmetics. Only after ascertaining what the client wants will the makeup artist begin to work.

Before the artist applies the makeup, she cleanses the client’s skin using products that are designed for their skin type. After the face has been cleaned, the makeup artist can then use her brushes and tools to put on various cosmetic products like primers and foundations. Blemishes are hidden with concealers and powders. Blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks are then applied to achieve the final look.

Makeup artists working in the theater and film industries may have to use other tools (e.g. wigs) to help them achieve the kind of appearance for the character that the director wants to create. It can also take a longer time to apply theatrical or movie makeup, with one session taking hours to finish.

For makeup artists working freelance or even those in salons, getting referrals is key to thriving in the industry. Since people don’t normally ask makeup artists to do their makeup every day, they have to promote their services to as many clients as possible. Their work may also entail marketing their services to the clients they serve and giving promotional perks like discounts to clients who refer others to them. By doing these kinds of marketing activities, makeup artists are able to grow their client roster and continue to do the craft that they love doing so much.

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Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

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