What Does A Marketing Manager Do?

When it comes to determining the market for a particular product, establishing pricing strategies and meeting and exceeding bottom lines, marketing managers are the go-to guys. The tasks they do are all geared towards helping the company maximize its profits. Their role is two-fold: They supervise the company’s marketing department and ensure that the firm’s individual marketing teams are delivering results.

Marketing managers are business leaders who identify the target clients for the products and services that they have to offer. This entails researching on and staying updated on the latest trends in the industry. They also look at the performance and customers of competitors to be able to know more about the potential market they are planning to offer their goods to.

In order to get to know the needs and wants of their target clients more intimately, marketing managers conduct surveys and other types of research. Their findings will enable them to know what the so-called “hot buttons” are of their customer base. They will be able to craft their advertising message in such a manner that would push their potential clients to buy their products.

Creative and resourceful, marketing managers come up with strategies to get people interested about the company’s offers. They think about and influence the company’s advertising team in coming up with concepts to draw customers in. They are also responsible for implementing the company’s overall marketing campaign. Traditionally, this meant launching advertisements in print and broadcast channels such as in magazines, newspapers, radio and television.

With the rise of the Internet, marketing managers now have to bring their marketing efforts to the World Wide Web through online advertising and by utilizing the power of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media networks are able to bring the company’s message in the shortest possible time to the most number of people so it’s essential for firms to have a presence here.

Another important aspect of the job done by marketing managers is in the realm of public relations. Marketing managers are concerned about the image projected by the company to the general public. They work hard to give the company the kind of positive media exposure they need to get people to trust their brands. In the event that the company’s reputation is suffering from a scandal or some other issue, they come up with advertising strategies that are meant to bring back its positive image. A tarnished reputation can bring down sales and lower profits so marketing managers are rightfully concerned when an issue puts the company in a bad light.

Marketing managers need to possess business savvy because their marketing and advertising efforts have to be done within a particular budget. They decide what type of advertisements can be undertaken given the amount allocated by company management. For example, even if they wanted to get a popular celebrity to endorse their product, they might have to think about another kind of method if the whole budget given to them will only be enough to pay for the celebrity’s talent fee. Marketing managers also decide on areas where expenses need to be trimmed and how surpluses are going to be used to improve company performance.

The nature of their work requires marketing managers to hold regular meetings with the staff members who are responsible for advertising, sales and public relations. The agenda for these meetings vary but can generally tackle current marketing and image-building efforts, ideas for introducing new products as well as well as threshing out issues and misunderstandings that can occur among staff members. Together with other managers, marketing managers also approve ideas by staff members about a product or service offered by the firm.

Marketing managers are also responsible for getting people to work for the marketing department. In large companies, this may be delegated to the human resources department but marketing managers still have a say on which applicants make the final cut. Once applicants are hired, marketing managers train them and assign to them their job duties.

Highly-analytical, marketing managers should also be good at problem solving. Businesses have to remain competitive and to do so they have to constantly ensure that their products are patronized by customers and their reputation remains positive. This is not easy to accomplish for the long-term because of the competition inherent in the business industry. Marketing managers have to be ready to solve problems when they arise and stay ahead of the competition most of the time.

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Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager comes up with pricing strategies so that the company will be able to maximize profits. You’ll join the rest of the marketing team in doing research to determine the demand for th[...]

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