What Does A Musician Do?

This seems like a pretty simple question to answer. After all, what else could musicians do except play music? A lot of people equate musicians with singers since they are the most visible and highly-popular today. They comprise only a part of the segment of professionals who make a living from music.

There are two ways by which musicians can earn income from music. They can either sing or play an instrument. They may perform on their own as solo talents or as part of a group, such as in a duo, band, chorus or an orchestra. They may also focus on a particular genre such as pop, jazz, classical, hip hop or rock and carve out a name for themselves in a particular genre.

Musicians who play instruments like the guitar, piano, drums, saxophone or violin are often part of a larger group. They open new opportunities for themselves by learning to play other instruments as well.

A lot of musicians work on a freelance basis. It’s difficult to generalize exactly how a typical day looks like for professionals in this occupational group. They may have to practice for and attend auditions for music talents being held by various groups such as orchestras or bands to fill in a position. Those who already belong to a particular group may have to attend group practice sessions in preparation for shows or recordings.

Musicians and singers can play in large performances such as in concerts, theatrical performances or television productions or they may play in private gatherings such as in birthdays, weddings and other occasions. They may also attend recording sessions in studios.

Travel is a common feature of the job of musicians. Professional singers who have already carved a reputation for themselves in the international music scene may perform concerts in major cities around the world. They usually have their backup singers and members of their band accompany them during these travels. Since concert tours can take months to finish, musicians need to be comfortable being away from home for long periods of time. When they are not busy performing on stage, musicians work at improving their craft and increasing their exposure.

This is especially important for those who are still starting out and are looking to make their big break in the industry. Aside from attending auditions, they also keep a website so they can place their professional credentials for agents to notice as well. They also maintain social media accounts so that they can build a fan base through the videos they post on online platforms. A lot of musicians today were given big breaks because of their YouTube videos.

Many musicians and singers also compose their own songs during their free time even as they continue to collaborate with music directors and composers to come up with fresh material for their performances or recordings. Musicians who hold a bachelor’s degree in music theory or a related field and want to share their knowledge with young students can opt to teach in elementary and high schools.

They will still need to obtain teaching license if they want to teach in public schools. Teaching part time is what some musicians do in order for them to earn a regular income while they are still waiting for their big break. Aside from meeting with students in a traditional school setting, some musicians also accept private lessons where they teach students in their own homes.

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